Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our Snow Family


Sara said...

I love the snow family! I hope yall have a wonderful time in Italy! I saw the picture that Laura posted on her blog of the boys and I can't believe how grown up they are! I know you and Mr Jim will have a blast with them over the holidays. I can't too see pictures from your trip!

Caroline Craven said...

Did you get that from Lanette? I still have mine from years ago and we put it up religiously every year and my kids (even the older ones) love to see themselves! Yours is so cute with all the grandkids.

Bonnie said...

Yes, Lanette made it, it is one of my treasures. I cannot fathom how many of those little guys she has made over the years.

Liesa said...

Awwww, love your Snow Family! :)

Connie said...

Look at that little snow family GROW! :)

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bon Bon,
Love your lil snow family! How cute! I can tell you are getting into the spirit of things and are starting to get those boxes out aren't you! lol Who can resist when we love christmas so, and the one who gave us Christmas as well!
Love your lil punkin from Beck and the Joy ornament. Like all your acorns too - neat! and your Santa pic goes so well with your new kitchen, it all looks very lovely.
I am feeling a lil better today,
still coughing and blowing!! lol
My fever is gone tho! so there's a praise. We didn't get to go to the Anniversary party but we did call our friends and they had a grand day. They have 7 children and they did a video with 125 pics
all the way from when they were kids with their own parents on up thru their lives with their own children , and they had a lot of friends from out of town come, so we were so happy for them. It has been a wonderful day and the wife was totally surprised, shockingly surprised,
isn't that so great!
That is so funny that you too put the tree off till last cause it isn't your favorite either. I think we could be clones possibly! lol
that is so neat that you learned so much about Christmas in your study. Isn't it so great when we spend time with the Lord, he just gives us such nuggets, and I really think we don't get them unless we dig for them either!
And when we dig he gives us pure gold! Wish I could be in your class tomorrow, course, don't know if I am gonna be able to be in mine either at this point. I have
felt a lil more energetic today,
I even exercised for 30 mins. and it felt soooooo good! And just had a few more bowls of that Chicken soup, feels so good on my throat
after all this coughing, still can't taste it! lol Jimmy says it is delicious, so glad someone is enjoying it!! Well, I am enjoying it too, just in another unusual way I guess you would say! See what you can learn from being sick, that you can enjoy things in different ways than you usually do!
Good lesson really!!
Sounds like they have come along way with your bathroom. How neat,
I know you must be getting very excited. Will they continue to work on it while you are away???
Yea, I imagine you are getting a lil nervous with Jim not having any time to pack or choose clothes or anything else that needs to be done. That would drive any wife crazy this time of the year let alone that you are going away!
Thanks so much for your prayers and
concern, I am being as careful as I can, haven't left the house and been resting alot, trying to wait it out cause I really hate to take antiobiotics cause they really make my stomach hurt and mess me up intestionally. So I avoid them if at all possible, but if I have any problems that I think need them I will go and get them! Stubborn, but not Crazy!! lol
Do you ever go to the blog of the
"Thriftydecorchick", she is on blogspot as well. She is a hoot and very talented. She decorated her bed and it is so cute! check it out if you have time. I love her blog, have never heard from her cause she has a ton of followers.
Hope this find you doing well Sweetie, and I am praying yall have the most Wonderful time with your Kids and Kidlets! I know they are probably getting so excited! I would be if you were my Mom or Grammy!
Have a Great evening,
We are reading our book for Sunday School, and taking football breaks to check the score on Ala. vs Florida! Tim Tebow is a Christian and he has John 16:33 written on his cheek. It is the one about in this world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer I (Jesus) have overcome the world. Florida is losing and I told Jimmy it's the verse, the Lord is allowing him to live out the verse, cause he is gonna have to be a humble team player at the end of the game! He is a very neat young man I might add, truly lives his walk! So great to see this day and age!
Well, better go or you are gonna have to bind this thing for a book! lol
Love and Blessings, Nellie

Marie said...

Bonnie, they're so sweet. I have a similar family that comes out at Christmas,ceptin mine are Ginger people!