Sunday, December 27, 2009


Spencer and Ross are ready!

You work so hard to get to Christmas Eve, it is just wonderful when it arrives. I know Laura did the Lion's share of it, but we all helped to make some part of the dinner. We have a family tradition that we know goes back at least five generations of making a formal, several course, Italian meal on Christmas Eve. We all agree that the most important part of it is the antipasta course.

Stuffed Zucchini made by Grandma Gloria~to die for!

Jim made the red peppers!
The trick is to eat everything...
just not too much of it.

The antipasta was followed by a pasta course and then a main course of roasted chicken and vegetables and Tiramisu (Mormon style, no coffee no alcohol!) for dessert. After dinner we had a family devotional about the birth of the Savior with a special program that Robert had compiled from Luke 2 and with hymns interspersed between the sections of the scriptures. It was a beautiful and meaningful experience. Here in Italy Christmas is all about the birth of Christ (what a novel idea!) and there are beautiful nativities everywhere. Tomorrow night we are going to one that is in a town near Gaeta and is a living nativity.

Christmas Eve the boys were so anxious for the next morning and opening presents. They were told they could not go downstairs until 7:30 am. By 6:00 am Rossie found his way into our bed where we somehow held him at bay until 7:30. We laid in bed and listened to the Christmas bells at a nearby church ringing out to welcome the Savior! Both boys were awake by about 4:00 but Santa is smart at this house and leaves their stockings in their beds for them to go through so everyone else gets a little more sleep.

Don't you just hate it when someone takes
your picture on Christmas morning?
I like this one it is nice and dark and blurry!

The other rule they have is the parents and grandparents get to be downstairs first and so we could watch them come down. It was pretty cute! They got more Legos than I have ever seen in one place and they played all day 8 hours straight.

Spencer and Ross left Santa a letter.
Here Spencer is reading

Santa's computerized response
Geesh, everything has gone techno!

Some of the loot!

Warms a Gramma's heart!

We have a very nice breakfast and then just lounged around all day. We talked to our other kids and it was a perfect day! Jim's mom said it was the best Christmas she ever had! I am glad she is having so much fun!

So tomorrow, Presepe Viventi; Sunday, church and Laura and Robert's 12th anniversary and I am going to make them an apple pie! Monday we are leaving for our traveling up north to Pisa, Cinque Terra, Venice, Verona and a few other places. There are exciting times to look forward to every day around here! Christmas in Italy is very fun!


BECKY said...

Now how could we possibly forget our Bon Bon!!?? So delighted to hear that you are having a great time!! Wish I could head over when you're back and look at all the pics!! Catch some charm for me, ok? Lovely country shots, too!!

Praying for you!!
Lots of love,

Caroline Craven said...

Bonnie - I love hearing about all the great stuff you are doing. I loved reading about how the Italians actually celebrate the birth of Christ, something we have gotten away from here in the good ol USofA. I loved reading about the wonderful Christmas Eve dinner and I need to get some yummy recipes from you when you get back. It looks like one of your carolers was wearing a missionary tag - what a fun party. It makes me realize I have been far too lazy when it comes to Christmas traditions and I need to get busy - hope it's not too late. (Not that we'll be out singing or anything like that). I read through the last couple of posts that I missed and enjoyed reading about your adventures in Geata. How wonderful that you are giving Laura and Robert a nice thank you to the same place in return. You just keep having all that fun and stay safe.

Caroline Craven said...

Just one more thing - it looks like Laura got your decorating gene. I love her Santa's and the lighted church. Love them!

LA Adams said...

Great traditions, lots of love, little kids for Christmas - you've got it all! Merry Christmas to all-

mandy* said...

Leave stockings in the kids' beds? That is genius!!!