Friday, December 11, 2009

Our Electronic Christmas Card!

Well, I must say never, never, never, try to do a big trip, remodel, Christmas, and keeping up with daily life all at the same time. If you are our age and decide to do something like this...... start in August to get ready for it. We are almost ready and I didn't want to leave without getting our Christmas E-card/Blog up and running. So here it is finally! It has been a labor of love and I hope you do have a few minutes to sit back, have a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy catching up with us. Let us hear about all you are doing in the comment section or via e-mail. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!

I'll be putting this link on Facebook, as well as on the sidebar at the top of the blog, but you can also link from here.


Shaun at Oak Den said...

I loved reading your Christmas card! It was great to read about your family and to see the photos. Good idea.

You may or may not get this before you leave, but I have bent thinking about you and your trip and I'm so happy for you and Jim to have this adventure. I know you'll have a wonderful time with your FAMILY in ITALY at CHRISTMAS!! How much better does it get than that?!

Many blessing of love and peace and joy to you and your family!

Love, Shaun

Marie said...

What a great way of presenting a Christmas Card to all those who love you Bon!! I thoroughly enjoyed it! I hope that you have a fabulous time in Italy with your family! A Happy and Blessed Christmas to you all!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bon Bon,
Just got up and it is 7:30, actually I have been awake since about 5:30, but couldn't go back to sleep, so have just been laying in there praying for everyone I could think of, just prayed for you and Jim and your trip, that the angels will be riding on the wings of your plane
as you go (I got that prayer for an elderly saint who was in a nursing home with my Grandmother out in Tx. when I visited, and the day I came home, the lady said that she would be praying that angels would ride on the wings of the plane - I loved that,
and we were delayed by some technical problems and that was such a comfort to me as I boarded that plane, never forgot it!!
No, didn't know you are taking Jims mom. I bet she is thrilled.
Wow, that is quite a trip at 83,
she is quite adventuresome. Hope you all have just the grandest time. I am so excited for you, cause I can't even begin to imagine not seeing my daughter for that long, so I know it is gonna be a great reunion. Not surprised you can't sleep with all that excitement churning in you.
That is so great you got things done early and you want have a lot to do today. Hope your plane trip is wonderful and it goes by quickly so you can get to your Laura and family. Make sure you drink lots of water while on the plane and take an aspirin, it helps with jet lag in case you didn't know that!
Saw your ecard on your blog and read it last night, very nice update on you and the family.
Those things are time consuming but they are so nice to receive.
You did a great job, I know what you mean about the typos, they are so much easier to see once they are posted, what is with that!
Cause I always read over it first before I post, then again once I post it. I used to think it was because when I posted it was on a dark background so that made it easier to see, but now my background is white, guess it is just a larger window and that is probably why now that I think about it!
Glad you stored the chicken recipe cause you will really really like it. It is my all time favorite chicken recipe.
Finally finished decorating the house and the tree, so today I need to vacuum and we will be company ready, not that we will have any since we are still sick, but at least we will enjoy it more. lol
Got to stick a few wreaths up outside and don't think we are gonna do lights this year since
Jimmy is sick and by the time we finally get them up Christmas will
almost be here. I have a lot of yankee candle jars to think I am gonna put the epsom salt and candles in them, and use that instead, it will look more festive than nothing!! lol
How long is your flight?? about 8-10 hours I would think. We used to live in Germany 38 yrs. ago, and I know it took about 8 hrs. to fly to Luxembourg. Jim has also gone to Germany a few times in more recent years for work and it was the same.
Will definitely be checking in on you while you are gone. Hope you and the family have the most fabulous and loving fellowship and time together. as you tour Italy and go about your way we pray for safety and health as well.
Bless you and yours Sweet Friend,
Oh Yea!! and Merry Merry Christmas
and I love that song too, Mary, did you know? I am assuming you saw the Movie, "the Nativity".
It was Wonderful and so amazing to see it in a theatre. My sister-in-law gaves us the book, it is really neat, has a lot of the pics from the movie.
Well, I could go on and on.........
but better let you go!
Love and Blessings again,

Caroline Craven said...

What adorable pictures. I'm so glad you posted all of them - now I know who belongs where, but don't count on me remembering! However, if I do forget, it wouldn't be hard to figure out whose kids are whose. They all look just like their parents -funny how all that worked out. Merry Christmas to you and all you family. We love you all, our younger kids don't remember all of your family, but they do remember Jim coming to visit us on a regular basis. He was such a great home teacher! Our love and thanks to him for his commitment to our family in that assignment. He was always so fun for the kids! Thanks Jim.