Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What is that "Snow?"

Melissa at the Inspired Room never ceases to amaze me. Her blog is so inspiring and I just love her! Check out this post to discover what that snow is...and to get another blogger's great candle decorating idea for the woman who likes fast, easy, and effective crafting, rather than the other kind. This DIY project even I could/would do.

Maybe next year...this year I'm resisting (hanging on tooth and toenail to my plan)...no decorating when leaving the country in just 11 more days. Fingers crossed, although I must say a couple of tiny little things did jump into my shopping bags in Utah over the weekend! After all decorating is not the same as picking up a few celebration pieces that I just don't have time to put away before we leave. Right? Pictures forthcoming.


Shaun at Oak Den said...

haha! I love your logic!

I'm so very excited for your upcoming trip! What a wonderful and grand adventure you'll have with your family at Chtistmastime in Italy! I'm really excited for you!

Have a great day!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bon Bon,
Glad your back and glad you had such a great time with your kids and kidlets! lol
Can't wait to see what jumped in your bag over there in Utah, you must show us before you leave now~!
I Never knew about the cotton picking comment or I would probably not said it. My husbands parents used to pick cotton as children. That is funny your dad used to say that too! I love some of those colloquilisms (sp?).
My grandmother used to say "for pities sake", and I had not heard that in years and when we moved here almost 30 years ago, I had a friend that used that expression and I just died laughing, and said I haven't heard that in years!
Yea, sometimes you spend time taking pics and being behind the lens of the camera when you should be just drinking in the moment.
The Lord taught us that by having things happen to our camera. Once
when my daughter was in a fashion show at school, I took the first pic and it was her friend, and then our batteries went dead.
Took pics of my son and important
people in his life that had been a spiritual influence on him, and there was no film in the camera,
and at Dee's graduation we took pics of her and her friend and her
family and when we started taking them of our family the battery went dead again, different camera this time, thank the Lord her boyfriend had a cellphone with a camera. They aren't the best pics
but better than none.
Guess there are times you just aren't meant to record it just live it!! lol
We will miss you while you are gone to Italy, but I hope you guys
have the Most Wonderful time possible. I can't imagine going that long without seeing my kids,
the longest for us has been 6 mos.
with Scott, about 2-3 weeks with Dee. So I know your heart must be
racing just at the thought of it! lol
Have a Very Merry Christmas My Dear! I know you will love every minute of it!
Love and Blessings Sweet Friend,
P.S. Hope to hear from you again before you leave!! if possible!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

You are too sweet!! Thank you dear! I hope you have a lovely trip and Christmas with your family!


BECKY said...

Hi Gal!! This is a cute idea, and oh so simple!! I can't wait to get started decorating. Did you get your package yet? I was later sending it but it should be there in the next day or so. Thank you for your patience with this sometimes flighty gal!

I am praying for your trip preparations and all of the details (including the FUN!) I will just have to live vicariously through you and your pictures from your visit. ;o)

Love and big squishy hugs to you!!

BECKY said...

YAY Bon!!! I am so glad you got your box and at just the right time! It never ceases to amaze me how I think I have messed up by not getting something out sooner just to find that the recipient got it when they REALLY needed a lift! God is just sooooo good like that!! You know, when I caught my first glimpse of that little pumpkin, I knew it was yours! If there had been two I would have gotten one for me, but alas...only one for my special friend! I may try my hand at making some next year. I adore that one and am pretty sure I could make it!

I really wanted to get some other cards made for you, but just didn't have time, so you may get another little package when you least expect it!! ;o)

Just have that tea and relax and breathe deeply. Leave all of the crazy details to the Lover of your soul! He WILL work it out all right!!

So glad we have connected Bon'! You're a blessing for sure!
Have a lovely Wednesday!!
Love and hugs,

laura.elizabeth said...

You are too funny. I am sure you got some fabulous things in Utah- I can't wait to get back there to do some shopping myself. I am all decorated for the Christmas but I must say it is sparse. I didn't put up a lot because (well, I don't have a lot and because) I figured we were going to be crowded enough with people and stuff- yeah I can't wait.

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

I agree i love the inspired room...her posts are always so inspiring...but i love your blog too!