Monday, November 30, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook~November 30, 2009

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So, For Today...Monday, November 30, 2009

Outside my is pitch black again but not because it is early in the morning. This is the first time I have ever done a daybook entry at night. We have had a busy day, flew home from Utah after spending a delightful 5 days with Jen and Chris and their families. I am looking forward to snuggling into our nice warm bed and getting some sleep very soon.

I am thinking...about how nice this past week has been. Cold, crisp, clear weather, love was in the air in Utah and no snow to traverse. But it looked a little strange with the dormant grass and no snow~it is time and the locals are ready.

I am thankful husband and the wonderful father and grandfather he is. I can promise you that they all rejoice to see him coming. You wouldn't believe all the work he did this week for and with the kids.

From the learning room..that grandchildren are the Lord's compensation for our growing older.

I am reading... the stack of unfinished books on the window seat in our family room.

From the kitchen...Jim's lunch for tomorrow is already made which means getting up at 4:00 am will be less painful.

I am wondering...what it will be like to not have to get up at 4:00 AM someday.

I am wearing...jeans, a red shirt and a red fleece jacket and socks and crocs. Not much of a fashion plate, especially by day's end.

I am hearing...Ray Charles singing some Christmas Songs.

I am creating...nothing right now but this Daybook entry but I did make a fun wreath for Jen and her family this morning at her request. Check it out below.

I am go a new washing machine tomorrow morning. Joy!

I am quoting...God the Father.."This is my beloved son in whom I am well-pleased. " May we all be more like him.

My spiritual thoughts include...thoughts of Christmas and the lesson I am working on for Sunday.

Around the house...All the travel stuff is put away and tomorrow the heater is going in. Yippee!

I am hoping...we can be completely ready to go to Italy in 12 days.

I have been procrastinating..getting my Christmas card blog finished.

One of my guilty pleasures...
black licorice.

One of my favorite things..when a grandbaby is old enough to remember us between visits. That little face lighting up and giving you a big smile and holding their arms up for you to pick them up is amazing.

A few plans for the rest of the week...prepare lesson for Sunday, buy a few groceries, set up visiting teaching appointments, RS Christmas dinner on Wednesday, sending Jim off the Scout camp for an overnighter, getting the heater and washing machine up and running...finding something fun to do on Saturday with a friend. Checking travel things off my list one by one.

Here is a picture and thought I am sharing with you...


In the spirit of using what you have on hand, Jen asked me to dress up this naked wreath she had. So everything just came out of her ornament box and some other accessorizing boxes. We had no time to go to a craft store as our plane was leaving at 3:00 and we had a lot of other stuff to get done before that. So this is what I came up with for her in a few minutes. It was fun. I hadn't done anything too creative in a while. Not bad for free, huh? Jen let me know she has since added lights to the wreath and that always makes things better. It is fun to recycle things or re-purpose them. Good night friends, thanks for stopping by, it is good to be back. I have missed you.


Marie said...

Great daybook Bonnie. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family! I wish! I love the wreath. It's amazing what one can come up with when put to the challenge! You really did well there! xxoo

Shaun at Oak Den said...

Beautiful wreath!

I was thinking about you being in Utah while I was at my Mom's in Provo. I'm one of the locals that is kind of glad the snow hasn't come yet because it makes our 2 hours drive over the river and through the mountains to Gramma's a LOT easier! But I have no doubt the snow will come...!

Caroline Craven said...

By the way, thanks for posting my link. One of these days I'm going to attempt a button.

Caroline Craven said...

I too am not so anxious for snow in Utah. As long as it stays in the mountains for skiing that is okay, but here in the valley I'm never ready until Christmas Eve. I love you being thankful for Jim - he was our best home teacher, we loved having him come by (especially the kids, they LOVED him). I too love black licorice - there aren't many of us purists around! I'll slip in an extra anise/peppermint bar of soap for your enjoyment! (Hope that is okay).