Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why I Love Being a Girl ( An Understatement!)

Over the last several days Jim has been working under the house. We are replacing our heating system and had to remove an old as dirt antique floor heater. Jim has been repairing the site and getting the floor area ready to be restored. He has had a terrible cold but nothing slows him down too much. I have been seeing a lot of this:

My Kinda Man!
♥XOXO Babe ♥!

He's been seeing a lot of this!

He had to jack up a part of the floor with
his car jack while repairing a floor joist.
(He actually liked doing this!! What??)

Yesterday while he was doing that I decided to do
some Christmas shopping. I am so far
behind so I forced myself to get going!
It was rough but I managed nicely! Haha!
I was seeing a lot of this:

Srumptious colors!

~Orchard Nursery and Gift Shop~
A Favorite place to visit during the holidays.
They have several dozen theme trees decorated on the inside.
I am thinking of going back for some inside photos next week.
It is gorgeous this year!

Bulging at the seams...
put it on the porch!

Potted plants on the Porch

Inside the Lazy K Gift Shop

Click Click to go shopping with me!

My eyes needed this...
Lovin' me some mercury glass
and German glass glitter pretties.
Must enlarge to appreciate the finery!

the silvery white vintage look!
Is there any contest, ladies? We always say it's a man's world. Really?

Not for me, I'd rather be all female any day of the week. The great part is Jim is probably telling one of his friends that he was so glad he had a project so he didn't have to go Christmas shopping. And I'd rather have my fingernails pulled out one by one than do what he was. Ain't life grand? That is why two is a good idea~got all 'yer' bases covered!

Viva La Difference!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Miss Bonnie,
Love your post on being a girl,
I sooooooo agree with you! You are a riot, this post had me dying laughing, but you are so on target. They like what they do and we like what we do! Nothing wrong with that!! lol
In fact, I would like to be there
shopping with you right now, maybe one day we will be able to teleport like they do in star trek! then we could do that! lol
Loved your post on light and also the Veterans day post as well.
I too am so thankful to all our military men and all the military men in our family, my dad, my
father-in-law (who was in the battle of Midway during WWII, they
were in the navy, my hubby, uncle
and stepbrother were in the AirForce, and my two half brothers were in the Marines and fought in Viet Nam. They and all other military people and their famililies need to be honored for what they do for God and country. May the Lord immensely bless them and meet all their needs.
Keep those good posts coming, they are super.
thanks for coming by and checking out my anniversary blogs. We had
a big wedding and we hardly new anyone either. My dad and grandparents had a restaurant and
were in business for over 40 yrs,
so they knew everyone in town practically. Our cake was 6 layers and we thought it might fall over on us any minute! lol I was afraid to cut it!
Thanks for your sweet comments about the kids, yea, they do sorta look like us, and I did want to throttle Scott when he came home with that blonde hair
mainly cause of the pics, but we had some good laughs off of it with the photographer. She kept saying
the sun just keeps following that
bright blonde hair wherever we go,
so we have some pics where we are all just cracking up, and they are really cute!
Can't believe once again we have the same similiarities. That your marriage problems came around the same year of life as ours, and that you turned to the Lord for help as well, and have a blossoming marriage as well.
God is soooooooo good to us, if we will only realize he is so for us, and has our best interest in mind if we would just be obedient to what his word tells us.
He's the best friend anyone could every have really!
You have a great night,
Love and Blessings,

Connie said...

Well said, my stunningly articulate (and beautiful!) friend!!! :) I agree with every word...even though I can't quite relate to the part where the man does all that fixing... :) Or come to think of it, where the woman does all that shopping....But! I do enjoy being a GIRL, or maybe I should refer to myself as a "gal" by now. That sounds so much better than saying "old woman" which is closer still. :)

LA Adams said...

I totally agree it takes two different outlooks on life to make a really great family. Even though I missed out on the shopping gene and converted to being feminine late, I know my family life is richer and more complete with Jeffrey's analytical look at life and my touchy, feely, colorful picture approach. Viva La Difference! I love it.

Caroline Craven said...

What a great post. I couldn't agree more! The guys can have all that manly stuff and I'll gladly take the girly stuff, although I do love getting dirty in the garden. I loved the nursery shots. We have a nursery here that also decorates quite a few different trees and I love to go and see them, except for the part of wanting to completely redo my tree every year - too expensive and too much year-long storage, otherwise, I'd do it. Looks like you are shopping at some really fun places!!! Wish I were there too. Shopping in Logan leaves a lot to desire.

Faye said...

Nothing like a trip to Orchard's Nursery to get you into the spirit of the season - it's one of my favorite places - and your pictures are fantastic!

Marie said...

I love being a girl too Bonnie! There'll be no crawling under houses etc for me! I'd ruther be barefoot and in the kitchen!! That shop looks sooo lovely! Oh how I wish we had shops like that around here. Probably best that they don't though as I'd want to be in them all the time! xxoo