Monday, November 9, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook~November 9, 2009

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So, For Today...Monday, November 9, 2009

Outside my window...the silhouettes of the tree in the front yard are pitch black against the new light of day. It is very cold in our family room and my office space this morning. There is no question that summer has finally ended. November 9th! I am hoping that all the seasons will be delayed somewhat and we can have good weather for the holidays.

I am thinking...about the week ahead and all that implies. Goals, hopes, work, managing my time, etc.

From the learning room..When you are a home owner your work is never done!

I am reading...bathroom remodeling magazines.

From the kitchen...the pantry is bare, the frig empty so it is Winco day for me!

I am long it will be until our heater is replaced? It is pretty cold on the bedroom side of the house this morning. Hopefully not more than a couple of weeks. All the prep work in going on now so fingers crossed! Wondering why we waited until now to get it done??

I am wearing...jammies and white shirt and socks. Getting dressed in a few minutes for my weekly friends' visit at 8:00 am. Can't wait to see them they totally lift me up every single week.

I am creating...lots of lists of things I have to do in the next few weeks.

I am hearing...Kathy Mattea singing "Mary, did You Know?" This is one of my favorite Christmas songs and I downloaded several different artists singing it over the weekend. I love Kenny Rogers and Wynonna's version it too.

I am light my candle from Bath and Body Works called Leaves. Oh, my goodness, it is scrumptious. Jim does not like scented candles so I light them a lot when he is gone.

I am quoting..."The world is a looking glass and gives back to each person a reflection of his attitude." .....unknown author

My spiritual thoughts include..wondering how I can come up with a moving Christmas presentation for church on the 6th of December for the ladies. Any suggestions?

Around the house...stuff needs to be picked up and some cleaning is in order. Construction doubles your pleasure and doubles your fun!

Today I miss...our kids. Christopher is in Charlotte, North Carolina getting a "Best Paper" Award at a Mechanical Engineering Conference. We are so proud of him! The girls are traveling in Italy and having a great experience.

I am good friend's infant granddaughter is better today. And that all the grandkids of all of us stay healthy during this terrible flu and cold season!

I have been procrastinating..nothing..I am on it all. Just kidding!

One of my favorite things..Christmas music. I just cannot wait until after Thanksgiving to start listening to it.

A few plans for the rest of the through my to do lists in the areas of company on the weekend, traveling to Utah and Italy, the remodel, Christmas shopping for family here, the never ending paper work of daily life, etc. etc. Trying to dream up what to bring to Italy for stocking stuffers for the boys. It is so hard when you haven't seen them in so long you don't know what they need or want and it has to be small to fit into your already jammed suit case. This is especially true when food is not an store bought goodies for Spencer with his peanut and soy allergies.

Here is a picture I am sharing with you..

This is Cinque Terra where Jen and Laura are in real time. I just spoke to them and they are walking between the five villages right now. Tonight they will stay in Pisa and then on to Florence tomorrow. Then Venice and then Rome. We are just so happy for them to have this wonderful experience...just the two of them with no interruptions. Simple truth; when your kids are happy you are twice as happy!


Shaun at Oak Den said...

Bonnie! I hope you have a lovely week. And I hope the weather co-operates with you until you have your heat again!

Just to update you-the fabric from Aix is going to a few purposes. The yellow with the sunflowers is going to be a tablecloth and the coordinating blue next to it will become napkins. There will be plenty of that left over to use on other things. The two white fabrics I'm envisioning as a summer dress for Abbie, or maybe a quilts. The red/yellow is also going to become a tablecloth.

I'm so excited for your trip to Italy! If I can ever get enough of France that would be the next country I want to explore.

Thanks for your spirit! Have a great day.

xo Shaun

Caroline Craven said...

I was gone to a class on essential oils most of the weekend and my brain is fried, I would rather be in Italy with your girls seeing the beautiful sights. I hope you have the best weather for your trip. One thing you might consider for your grandsons, its tiny and very inexpensive, but tons of fun - those little balsam airplanes you put together and fly. We got one for Trevor a few years ago, just to fill up some room in his stocking and he played with that dumb toy until it broke, which was only a day or two, but he loved it and I was only out a buck. It is now a standard stocking stuffer he and Kent both love! You're scaling back on your business with maybe just a bit of hesitation and I am in the middle of getting one going with tons of hesitations (fears, really). Best of luck with your plans.

LA Adams said...

Ahh, I love this time of year and season! You sound like you are up and going and enjoying it already!

A Gracious Home said...

Your pictures are wonderful. I would love to travel to Europe when my husband retires. We plan to go to Alaska first though. A peanut allergy is one of the hardest things to live with.I'm sorry to hear your grandson has one. Soy leaves out a lot of food also. Good for your son. It's wonderful for our children to be successful in their field of work. You have a lot of wonderful plans. I hope you have lots of fun. Doylene