Friday, November 6, 2009

Italian Treats and Tricks

The definitive and very last word on Halloween
from Uncle Lowell's winning pumpkin!

This morning I am sharing Laura's post hot off the press regarding Halloween in Italy. I know, I know, I did a wrap the other day on the whole Halloween scene, but how could I leave these precious grandsons out of the mix? We had the curtain call, well, this is the encore...the last one for 2009! I promise!

Laura said....

"The boys went trick or treating again this year- they had a blast! Two days before Halloween however, the plan was to stay home, make caramel corn and watch a movie. This was their idea not mine, but I didn't mind and had planned accordingly. So when we went to a Halloween party on Friday night and all their friends were dressed up and dazzled about trick or treating- they got the itch to go too. I wanted to say no because I just didn't think I could pull it off cool costumes and safe candy (Spencer's peanut allergy presents quite a problem in this department) in such a short amount of time. In the end... I gave in! Good thing it is dark outside on Halloween night and my boys don't mind costumes made of old bedding! Anyway, it was a fun day- have a look!

Ross as Anakin Skywalker

Spencer as OB1

Jedi Knights

A little Halloween Drama

A little more Halloween Drama
(because the first time wasn't enough to make me
wonder why I ever let them watch Star Wars in the first place!
Mamma Mia!)

Trick or Treating Fun!
(This is one of the homes in the
gated community where they live.)

I find it funny that three of our five grandsons were Star Wars characters so popular 28 years ago. I can still remember the insanity of diving into big cardboard boxes at Toys R Us grappling for various Star Wars figures along with other nutty moms back in 1982! That is some pretty good staying power! The sun has officially gone down on Halloween 2009! It appears all the grandies had a ball.


Caroline Craven said...

What a cute post. I'm glad Laura got her two-bits in. She did amazing costumes on such short notice and her boys looked cute. Fun to see pics of them.

LA Adams said...

My kids are all Star War fans too. Did you know you can watch all 5 episodes between California and Utah? And if you are really 'lucky' your cousins will all want to watch again while you are there.

Your boys looked great!

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Coming to you from The Inspired Room. Anything with Italy in the title beckons to me and I had to come read your post. That led me to other posts about your trip last year. My husband was in the army when we married and we spent the first three years of married life in Vicenza. He is taking me back there for our 34th anniversary next April. Can't wait!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Of course you couldn't leave these little cutie-pa-tooties out....They're adorable.

Thanks for the tip...I WILL look forward to Tuesday...then I don't have to do this nasty test for another five years! Good.

Have a wonderful day!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
I feel like I have been missing in action. I am at least catching up on all your posts today. Loved your one on gratitude, so true the things we take for granted that we have in this country that other countries don't even have.
I so agree with you on every singel one! Thank you Lord!!
All your grandchildren looked adorable in their costumes. My son went as Luke Skywalker one year, many years ago! How can you not like Star Wars really, it is the ultimate good vs evil movie! lol
Looks like you all had a wonderful time at the family reunion, what a great idea!! Every year we say we are gonna do an open house in the summer, cause we did them for our kids graduations and they were wonderful, and we said we just need to do this sometime for no reason but the fun of it. Maybe next year in the spring! that would be the perfect time really!
Sorry you are missing your Mom,
I think about mine at times too,
although our relationship in the latter years was not too good because of alcholism, but she was
a good Mom when I was young, but she was also a single Mom too. Which was very hard for her and us.
But she came to know the Lord and our relationship will be great when I get to heaven, that is such a comfort.
The pic of your Mom reminded me of Ruth Graham, Billy Grahams wife;
Your Mom was a very pretty woman,
and looked very sweet and gentle.
She sure produced a wonderful daughter!!
Thanks for coming by and wishing Scott a Happy Birthday and us a
Happy Anniversary as well. We have
had a very nice weekend. My back has held up pretty well, much much better since Friday.
We had a Wonderful time yesterday.
It was just Jim and I, Scott and Dee, Jim's sister Susie and Scott's
new girlfriend Megan. We had such a good time tho, in spite of Dee being sick. She called earlier in the day and was feeling nauseous and everytime she tried to get up
she felt like she was gonna get sick, so we didn't think she was gonna make it, but then I told Jimmy maybe we should go get her because if she does get real sick,
her roommate is gone. So she called shortly after and said she
had thrown up and was feeling better, so she came on over, she didn't have a fever so we are hoping it was like food poisoning or something. She was feeling sick off and on while she was here,
but we had a good time in spite of it all. We played the new uno game and watched Ice Age latter in the evening. We had lasagna and an olive garden type salad with their dressing, and yummy bread
and Dulce De leche cheesecake.
We felt bad for Dee cause she was starving, but she did get a few bites of lasagna down, and then later ate a bowl of salad, and a tiny bit of cheesecake. Sent her home with Lasagna so she was gonna eat it today. I called when we got
out of church and she was feeling fine, thank the Lord! I tried to get her to spend the night just in case but she thought she would be fine, so thankfully she was.
Yea, that is funny that we both were pregnant at the same time,
and that we had fruit wallpaper too. We have only had ours about 8 years I think,
Well Chickie, better go
and have a great week ahead.
Aren't you gonna be in Italy for
Christmas?? Bet your daughter and their family are ecstatic your coming.
Take Care hon,
Love and Blessings,