Friday, November 13, 2009

A Tale of Vicarious Amusement

Once upon a time...there was a mom and dad that had such a fun week checking in with their girls each day and finding them enjoying each other's company in a most beautiful and enchanting land ever so far away. For them having their daughters share this experience has been so gratifying. Just knowing that they have had a chance after three years to reconnect in person has been wonderful....

I think that when you love your children with all your heart, you just want them to be as close to each other as possible. With the girls being 6 years apart in age it was problematical when they were growing up sometimes. There is a huge difference between, let's say a 4 year old and a 10 year old. The maturity level and interests didn't seem to intersect that often.

However, Jim and I have been pleased that they do have so much fun when they get together and they seem to almost have their own language, always finishing each others sentences, endlessly quoting their favorite lines from movies and sharing a million little funny things and experiences. Of course now their experiences of being married for 12 years with families of their own have brought them even closer. The bond of womanhood is pretty powerful! When the love is there the rest often takes care of itself.

The $20.00 Gelato...yep!

Vicariously we have enjoyed our first trip to Italy all over again. Laura has now perfected the tour guide aspect of living in Italy. She has the routes and accommodations down cold. She knows the greatest places to see, the sweet cafes and restaurants and pizzerias and that makes visiting pretty grand. She also seems to know where the best shopping is, which street vendors have the best prices, etc. She makes it so much fun!

No Crowds! A Private Tour Bus!
Last night the girls returned to Laura and Robert's home after four days and nights of carefree travel. Jen said the weather has been perfect and the crowds non existent! They went to Cinque Terra for a little taste of the Italian Riviera, climbed the Leaning Tower of Pisa and ate pizza and gelato. They slept later than usual, saw The David in Florence and toured the city in an open air bus. They sailed down the Grande Canal in Venice, enjoyed Burano the Beautiful and caught the Night Lights of Venice as well.

David at the Academia Museum in Florence~
Nearly a Private Viewing~What a Blessing!

The Canal!

Burano, an island village
reached only by Veporetti near Venice.

Sun setting on Venice

They are home for a day and a half and tomorrow they will leave for Rome, sight see and spend two nights, then Jen flies home from Rome on Monday afternoon. Her Cinderella coach will then turn into a pumpkin as she rides "Coach" home rather than how she made her way there by luxuriating in 1st class (eh hem).

The Enchanting Coach

The Encroaching Coach!

The ending to her Cinderella story will have only a slightly different twist to the original. Her Prince already knows exactly where to find her and he will take her swiftly to her four beautiful little princesses without delay. And they will live happily ever after!

Next week she will be sitting at home
wondering if it all really did happen.
It did!

~The End~

Rolling Credits:

Grandma and Grandpa S helping Daddy!

Piper helping Dad, Grandma and Grandpa

Julia helping Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa

The best Sister and sweetest Brother for arranging it all.
Daddy for Home Schooling and caring for the boys!
Spencer and Ross for sharing their room!

And most of all Heavenly Father for making
it possible and keeping them all safe!


Connie said...

Love it, love it, love it!!! And they will all live happily ever after....!!! :)

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bon Bon,
What a lovely post! So glad Jenn got to go, I am sure that was a great retreat for her. So nice everyone pitched in and made that possible for her, and I am sure the Lord orchestrated the hearts
of all involved. Glad she had such a good time, and is now home
safely. Yes, she will be pinching herself a lot and wondering was I really there.
That is how I felt when we lived in Germany and went to Paris for a 3 day weekend. Such fun memories!
I am amazed that the day is over almost and altho I was doing all day I feel like I didn't get much
accomplished. rats!! Oh well, there is always tomorrow.
Blessings and thanks for your cute and creative post today, Just loved it!
Love and blessings dearie,

Bonnie said...

Thanks ladies for you comments. Con, yes, they will live happily ever after. Nellie, thanks for your visit. Jen will actually not be home until Monday night at 11:00 pm. She still has to trip to Rome. Exciting.

When I said they were home I meant they were at Laura's house now. She feels a cold coming one so hopefully she can keep it at bay a little longer. Good luck on your chores for tomorrow~glad you took it easier today.

Faye said...

That was a wonderful story !!! I enjoyed taking a little vicarious trip to Italy myself. So glad they got to have that once-in-a-lifetime experience. It will be one of those priceless things that will never be forgotten. Absolutely wonderful!

Caroline Craven said...

Wow! It sounds like they are having so much fun. Good for them. Did I understand that Laura is home-schooling her boys. That's great, but a ton of work. She is pretty amazing with all she does. All your kids are amazing. I probably know Laura the best and Jen the least, but they all seem to be doing so well. Must have been great parenting!!!

Shaun at Oak Den said...

Love it!! What a wonderful trip for your girls. Soooo great!