Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Gathering~Same Time Next Year?

Jim has been fortunate to live near his cousins all his life. We have spent many of our Christmas Eves with them since before we were married. The last few years we have been spending time with our own kids and grandkids so have missed the Christmas parties. Jim wanted to have them all over to kick off the holidays. All of his cousins (all girls) that live here in CA were here except Judy who was home ill. We missed having her and Danny and their kids here with us. We also had our great nephew, Thomas and his dad, Michael and Thomas' friend, Orin, with us. Here a few of the photos especially for Judy and Danny and our kids who couldn't be here with us.

Emily and Grandma Gloria

Thomas and Orin commanding
the attention of all the ladies.

Gloria, Nancy, Jim & Me

The buffet after everyone had made their way
through it!
Should have taken the
photo before but I was too busy!

The group that passed up the kitchen table for a cozier spot!
Michael, Julie, Emily, Taylor, Robbie, Corey.

The dining room crowd.
Tracey at the head of the table, Debbie,
Joe, Nancy, Gloria,
Aunt Beth, Kris and Dale.

Same group different angle.

It was Jim's mom's 83rd birthday so we had
a birthday cake for her.
She got to cut the cake also.

Everybody waiting for their cake as the evening was winding down.

It was wonderful to see everyone that came. We had so much left over lasagna that I have already scheduled a date with my brothers and their wives and I am hoping my cousins from Sacramento can join us too.

Shhh! Don't tell them it is left-overs! They'll never know!

This may have to be a new tradition for all the cousins!
The Cousins' Christmas Season Kick Off!


Marie said...

Oh Lasagna tastes even better the second time around Bonnie! They're in for a real treat!!! It's so wonderful that you live so close to family that you can get together with like that!

Caroline Craven said...

I love that your family actually gets together to celebrate the season and just hang out. It looks like you went to a lot of work. The food looked so yummy!

Connie said...

Good for you guys, Bon! There's nothing like the love of family.

mandy* said...

What a fun party!!!