Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Curtain Call

Zach A Star Wars Jedi

Harry Potter AKA Connor


The Tigress~Aynslee

Piper the Zombie!

Julia the Batty Bat and Chloe the Dragon!

Hazie has been spooked!
Jen and Traci's kids enjoying the festivities.
Hazie is just not havin' it though.

I haven't gotten any photos from Italy
yet but I know both Spencer and Ross
were Star Wars guys this year.
Good job, Mommies!

Miss Jen Cattin' Around!

And that's a wrap for another year on Halloween!


Marie said...

What delightful costumes Bon!!! I loved seeing them all! How very creative your family is!

Connie said...

...And the cuteness thereof was exceedingly great! :)

laura.elizabeth said...

I love the kids costumes- Jen and Missy do it right! I am afraid I threw our costumes together the day of and unfortunately- it was kind of obvious. Good thing it is dark out side when they go trick or treating! Darkness hides a multitude of things!

LA Adams said...

Wayy, wayy to great! May the force be with you.