Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What is Wrong With This Picture?

Can you say.... EVERYTHING?

Jim and I have had some serious fun looking at the lobbies of various hotels and motels in our travels. I guess when you are into decorating you just tend to notice things more. This is the lobby of a Comfort Inn in Northern CA.

What these people were thinking is beyond me, but I bet it has something to do with an inheritance and trying to save a few bucks on the design features of the inn. This place just screams "ouch" from the minute you lay your eyes on it. Since this is your first impression when you walk in, I think they have some serious welcoming issues. The room we had was 100% better but the lobby and dining room were atrocious.

As we have been thinking about how we can run our decorating business with no overhead we had this idea. Perhaps we could call several hotel and motel establishments along a route we want to travel, offer to come in and redesign their lobbies in exchange for a room? It would only take a short amount of time and then we could be on our way.

Take a look at this picture! First of all, the decor (using the term loosely) does not go with the location and genre of this Comfort Inn at all. Have these people never been to Disneyland? It is all in the details of the land you are trying to create. It is located in a little mountain town near Yosemite. The Lobby is small and the furniture is way too fancy-pants for this place. A hunting lodge theme would work so much better here. A few carved bear accessories, maybe some skis on the wall or a picture of a mountain scene, a couple of nice comfy overstuffed chairs and some hunter plaid would work so much better. I wouldn't sit down on this love seat with a stranger if I was waiting. Would you? No, chairs are better here.

I don't personally like hunting cabin decor, but that is an example of what would work. Something less formal, warm and comfortable would compliment and blend with the location and the exterior of the building. It is like a good hair cut..no one notices it. Blending is important. The current decor is something that rattles your cage and makes you wonder why you came. It should just welcome you in, period.

And then there is scale. The scale is completely wrong. You don't want to put a gianormous, gilded mirror over a small velveteen love set. Yes, it is true the sofa has a gold trim but, people...this does not a match make. Trust your gut on this one. This is painfully wrong.

And you definitely don't want to slide it over towards the window to accommodate the weird ceiling above the love seat. Something that is placed over a sofa is to complement it and should be directly over it. And the phone thingy..I can't go there with this combo!

AND no, a 70's K-Mart ginger jar lamp does not compliment any of it. And hello, check out the height that the picture hanger selected for the rectangular tiny picture? What the...? I could go on about the round ornate gilded, glass top table, but you get the picture and it is worth a thousand words. How does someone unconsciously get it ALL wrong? Multiple choice usually affords one at least some right answers?

This is just too crazy! I'm just sayin'......we have found a need...now maybe we should try to fill it! If they don't have anything good to work with for a redesign, like this place, maybe a night's lodging and a few bucks for a consultation will work? The general public needs to be spared. We volunteer! This would not be a money maker...just a labor of love along the path to our destinations!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bon Bon,
Just lost my first message, I do not know how I do that, it is so aggravating!! lol
I think you are on to something,
I definitely agree with you on that Lobby, it isn't the worst I have ever seen, but pretty close.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices these things. I have seen some hotels that have really nice stuff to work with but they have no
idea what to do with it unfortunately. From being in Home Interiors when I was younger I have a hard time not wanting to rehang pics when I see them miles above the furniture. I bet you had that whole lobby rearranged in
your mind. I will be thinking if that was just over there that would look sooo much better, and if they moved that and put this here what an improvement that would be~! lol Goes with that Decorator instinct in us I guess!
Somebody has to do it, right!!
I think you might be on to something chickie.......there might be quite a few that would take you up on your offer and then there might be some that would say what do you mean?? we just did a remodel!! lol
Well, Happy Trails to you, until we meet again!! lol
Blessings, Nellie

Nellie's Cozy place said...

You know what, I scrolled up and looked at the pic again, and that pattern on that loveseat sort of looks like the faces of Aliens!!
I am serious....maybe I should have blown the pic up a bit for a better look!! lol
I think you should never go back there!! lol
I am in a silly mood, but seriously look at the pic again,
too funny!!
Have a great rest of the day hon,
Luv, Nellie

LA Adams said...

An act of mercy for weary travelers all along your route - I hope you travel far and wide!

Shaun at Oak Den said...

That is so hilarious! "What were they thinking?" is right! I'm not "into" decorating but my eye knows when things are out of whack, and this is. This probably really made you go "ouch" while you were there. Good luck with your idea, you probably have something there!

Bonnie said...

The idea to actually do it is more tongue in cheek than anything but isn't it weird what they did here?

When I use to work in dentistry and oral surgery I would always notice people's teeth more. Maybe someday my eyes will just relax more when it comes to something like this. Here to hoping anyway.

I am not a mathematical thinker really but there is just something so inherently wrong here and it has to to do with math. Good design principles are often based on it. It was a fun post to do anyway!

Neabear said...

That room does look bizarre to me. Right away I noticed that itty bitty picture way up by the ceiling. Ugh! And I agree with Nellie....it does look like alien's on the sofa. LOL! The phone and chair look so out place next to the sofa. I would be cool if the decor could be changed into something more pleasing and relaxing.

BECKY said...

Hi Bon! I guess I really don't see what is SO wrong with this lobby. I mean they were really consistent with the theme of picking ALL the wrong things!! ROFL!!! In a weird way it all goes together well! And that small framed thingy adds just the right touch for the whole area!! I can definitely see where they were going with this...(removing the scissors from my eyes) NOWHERE FAST!! There is just no accountig for taste and style is there? I'm so glad I got my grandmother and mother's genes for what works together!! Whew!! I need to go read a decorating magazine and do an eyeball cleanse!! :o)

Fun post, and I have to say I was laughing the whole time I was posting this comment!! I was going to try to go further with my objection to your review, but I can't fake it in person either!! LOL!!!!

Have a happy Wednesday! Your goody box will be going out tomorrow! And yes, that is my real last name!! Too funny!

Love ya,

Marie said...

You are so right in your observations about this lobby Bon! It is not welcoming at all. I thought it quite cold and pretentious. I prefer warm and comfy looking lobbies. Mind you I'm a country gal at heart! xxoo

Bonnie said...

Blogger laura.elizabeth said...

This is a crack up. I wish I had been documenting all of the hideous interiors I have seen here is Italy. You would think that since Italy is the fashion capital of the world they would know a thing or two about decorating but... nope! They are just as bad as we are- sometimes even worse. It is actually quite comical. Anyway- thanks for making me smile.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bon,
good to hear from you as always.
That is funny about the Aliens!!
that loveseat could give someone nightmares!! lol
Guess what?? Target called and said they had another set of the dishes.
Hubby is gonna go get them today,
but I am not getting excited until I get them out of the box, and now I am sort of torn cause I think I really want white, sure wish they were as white as the one pic made them look!
We have a world market and they sell some white pcs. and I am gonna go to Pier one as well. We have an Ikea but it is about an hour or so away, and we do have a home goods but what I saw that I liked they didn't have enough of unfortunately. I can say one thing for Target, there quality has always been good. I have bought a number of plates on sale there and they have always been in great condition. There stuff is made in Thailand and they make them
exclusively for Target. They are a lil more than I wanted to pay but at this point we are willing.
Pray I will make up my mind! I have a pc. of whiteware that I use in my kitchen and it has sort of the same style to the edges, and altho it is white it looks great with the cream dishes because of the style. I have some little square dishes that I put butter in, but they are just plain and I don't like the way they look at all. So I am gonna go back to Target and see what other accessories they have in that same style cause I need some small pcs.
like that or in cream, so we will see. I have the hardest time making decisions these days, and I did not use to be like this, I was always so decisive. So wierd to me, and I really don't like it much I have to say!! lol
Well, thanks for coming by to say Hello, always love hearing from you. Have a fun day,
Blessings, Nellie