Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 2009

Turkey Time

Nigel, a friend from Scotland
attending his first Thanksgiving!

Christopher and Melissa

Hazie and Piper

Lowell, Nigel, Jen and Hazie

Jen and Hazie

Uncle Chris and Hazie

Aynlsee and Julia

All five Granddaughters in one place!

Pure heaven!

The dinner was phenomenal, thanks Jen and Lowell.
Lowell made the dressing, roasted the turkey, made the pies and
a cheese cake! Jen did all the rest! What a team!

Aunt Missy, Hazie, and Zach

Zack Attack!


Zach and Chloe Jane

Piper and Connor

Chloe, Owen and Zach

Our niece, Erin, getting her PhD
in Math at the U of U.
So glad she could join us!

We tried the traditional passing of the food but
it really didn't work with 8 kids and 8 adults!

Check out the jello dessert disguised as a "salad"

Erin and Jen

Miss Julia

Hazie in Daddy Indiana Jones Hat.

Jen and Chris wishing their Daddy a Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Honey!

It was a fantastically wonderful family day.
We missed you Laura, Robert, Spencer and Rossie!


Marie said...

Oh Bon, what a lovely Thanksgiving you have had. It really did my heart good to see all these lovely pictures of your family and the fun time you had. My favourite one??? The one of you with all your Grand-daughters! Loved it! xxoo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bon Bon,
Loved all the pics of your Thanksgiving with your children and grandhchildren, love the pic of you and the grandaughters, how sweet and how fun! You truly are buried in love, and you are such a wonderful grammy! You can see that love you to pcs. - Just as it should be! All the food looked scrumptious. Tell me about that Jello dessert, I noticed it right away and wondered what it was.
Also Happy Belated Birthday to your Jim as well!!
Looks like a good time was had by all.
We had a Wonderful day yesterday too, but I never think to take pics!! lol
I took some of the table before hand and even left the camera out to take some and after everyone left I said oh, I didn't take a single pic. Plus I was thinking of having my sister-in-law take a pic of us and the kids that I could put on my Christmas letter.
Oh Well! lol
So glad you all had such a nice time with the family, and hope things are going better back at home with your renovations. Sorry to hear about your contractor and will be praying his hand heals quickly. Bless his heart!
Thanks for your sweet confirmation on my dishes, I felt the same way about them, so that was confirming for me. I didn't use them for Thanksgiving tho cause we had to go buy another set cause we had only brought one home to try it, cause we brought 3 at one time.
So by the time we did all that I just didn't feel like stressing myself out unpacking and washing and rearranging everything for just that one day, cause I have
Christmas dishes my sister-in-law gave me so I will be using those,
so thought hey, it will be something to look forward to in the New Year! Boy, I have to say the Lord has really grown me in patience, cause the old me could have never done that! lol
I will be looking forward to the New Year, so I can use my new dishes, and start on the next part of my bathroom. lol
The Chicken dish was a hit with the whole family so think I should have done this years ago. My daughter can't wait for Christmas to have it again. I usually only make it Christmas and Easter! So they were thrilled and didn't miss the bird at All! lol
Well you take care sweetie,
and have a good trip back to Ca.
Love and Blessings,
P.S. Think that is neat you would have picked the same dishes too!
Another commenality~

Caroline Craven said...

It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving Day with all your family. We went up to Idaho Falls and also had a wonderful time spent with family. I love holidays when we can get together, or any time we can get together, but Thanksgiving Day is so special. Just loved it!

LA Adams said...