Sunday, August 1, 2010

Because I Have Been Given Much...

The title of this post is also the title of a hymn. What follows the three dots is "I too must give." This is something I try to remember when I get weary, when I am tired or feeling unappreciated.

In order for someone to have a life blessed with receiving, someone has to give. It follows that if we love someone, we want them to be blessed with the receipt of goodness. We are the instruments the Lord uses to bless others and to answer their prayers. It is a privilege to be one of His instruments, isn't it? I remind myself of that when someone asks me to do something that is inconvenient or that at first I just don't want to do.

In the Church we all have a job or calling. Sometimes you have to wonder why you get called to a particular task, especially if it is outside your comfort zone or your perceived realm of gifts and talents. But you say yes, willingly hopefully, and amazingly you are blessed as the Lord qualified those whom He calls. In the best of all worlds everyone magnifies that calling and does their very best. In reality it is not always so and sometimes the responsibilities left undone by one become the burden of another.

In those times it is easy to become critical, to backbite, to criticize another. This is one of the tools that Satan uses to be divisive and destroy our unity. Satan knows that if we are not one, we are not the Savior's. And oh, how he loves that!! This is when we need to put our concentration back upon our own performance and not judge, as we never know what burdens are already being born by that person.

I know that I can never repay the Savior for His gifts to me or to my family but, I try to look at it this way when I do get tired and frustrated and want to say no when asked to serve others.

He has answered all of our prayers and blessed us so abundantly that I cannot voice our gratitude enough. At every turn we see His blessings played out, day in and day out in our lives. They are there for us all, we just have to see them. Paying attention heightens my awareness and makes me want to serve Him by serving others all the time. And when the request seems unreasonable or too much, I might grumble a little under my breath, but for the most part we don't ever say no. And I hear the hymn in my head and heart..."Because I have been given much, I too must give."

In those times where I feel exhausted, once I have an attitude adjustment I am good to go. I need to just put my shoulder to the wheel and get to work, knowing that my Father in Heaven knows what I need and what another person needs and He wants everyone to be edified through the experience at hand. He wants a win/win for all His children. He is THE perfect parent.

I am grateful everyday for the people I associate with that are such good examples of giving of themselves. They teach me all the time. Especially, Jim, he is truly one of a kind. He doesn't think about it, or grumble or whine...he just does it.

His secret...he has made that decision in advance. When someone needs him, he's there. He doesn't mull it over in his mind every time he is asked to do something...he made that decision a long time ago.
(Decisions in advance=no internal struggle over the issue.)

I truly do admire that!I want to be more like Him someday!
Painting by Liz Lemon Swindle


LA Adams said...

Service is never at the right time with all the right tools, but it sure enriches our lives. Thanks

Julie Harward said...

Some good thoughts here...As we serve in the Manti Temple on fridays, the president of the temple gave some good thoughts...He said that if we come to the Lord in prayer and we come with anger in our hearts at someone...he will not except that prayer. We must first go and repent and ask for forgiveness, then come to him with our hearts right to have our prayers heard. Love that, I have tried this and it makes all the difference! :D

Marie said...

Beautiful thoughts Bonnie. I truly believe it is only when we choose to give our lives away, and to do so selflessly, that we begin to really live our lives. Giving and serving must become as natural to us as breathing. Most of the joy in my life has come from serving others in small and simple ways. Love you loads! xxoo

Sister Susie said...

The comment under the painting is really right. God's Word tells us to strive to more like Christ.

Caroline Craven said...

A good reminder for me as I survived yet another Sunday in the Nursery. That is a challenge to be in there week after week, and yesterday I was particularly tired. I have to keep reminding myself that someone did it for me when my kids were little and then I am more open to this calling, and a lot more patient with some of those darling little spirits.