Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lazy Crazy Days of Summer

I love our Farmers' Market. It is just so beautiful out during the summer if it is not too hot. Even then, if you go at 10:00 when they open it is very nice. We are so fortunate here as we have the market twice a week one day 10 to 2 and the other 4 to 8. The morning market is open all year. We also have several other markets very close by if the normal days are not convenient.

There is just something extra special about it in the summer. People are out to enjoy their morning, to improve their eating habits by buying organic and/or locally grown products. There is that feeling of "community" you just don't feel at the mall or super market. People are relaxed, smiling, enjoying their families and courteous to others. It just feels so wholesome and good. It is literally a breath of fresh air! And I really enjoyed myself yesterday morning while Jim was pouring cement for his mom. Hopefully he can go with me next time. We both enjoy it in the evening too and love the live music and milling around with the townspeople. It almost feels like Stars Hallow for you Gilmore Girls fans out there.

So inviting!

The Plaza across the street from the Market.
This little square is so pretty and colorful.

One of the restaurants preparing for the lunch crowd.
A beautiful day for lunch outside in the plaza.

Organic Strawberries

Nectarines for Laura!

Sidewalk cafe near our town square.

These white nectarines are amazing this year!

The flower stands are beautiful!

I'm speechless!

The loot I brought home today!


Marie said...

Just love farm markets Bonnie! We have an indoor market in Chester city centre as well, which is open 6 days a week all year long. You can get ANYTHING there. There are fish mongers, butchers, bakers, cheese stalls, green grocers etc. There's even a tasty little cafe! XXOO

CA Poppy said...

Oaxaca cheese is one of my favs!

Sister Susie said...

How nice to be able to go to markets that aren't overflowing with hordes of people. Our Farmer's Market here has so many people, you can't really enjoy the art of shopping in a tranquil atmosphere.

I have a small vegetable/fruit indoor "stand" I go to that has this tranquil atmosphere. Your's is much more beautiful!

Enjoy your food,

Caroline Craven said...

I used to love the market when we lived there and the food was to die for. But is that plaza across the street a new addition since I was there? I don't remember it and I would remember something that lovely. At first I thought you had thrown in a few Italy pictures. All I remember is a parking garage.