Monday, August 9, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook ~ August 9, 2010

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So, For Today...Monday, August 9, 2010

Outside my is pitch dark out and I am up, just like the old days. Jim went out to the Ranch this morning to help them with some problems in the shop. I think I have adapted to the later time of getting seems weird and chilly to be up and about at 5:00 am.
I am thinking...and wondering how it will be for Jim to go back there after six weeks of retirement. I think it will be a little weird to walk back into his old classroom and the shop and see someone else's influence there. He said he is glad he doesn't have to go and doesn't have to stay. He is just going to help out the new teacher as a friend. It was rather weird though to see him walk out the door in one of the school shirts with his little bag of snacks. Deja Vu!

I am thankful for...the cool weather we have been having all summer. I checked the 10 day forecast and not one day will hit the high 80s. Low to mid 80s is hot enough for me! It is weird but we are loving it!

From the learning precedes the miracle...I have lost some poundage this week.

I am reading...Still plugging along through my WWII series but have added a few other books into the mix. I have pretty much stopped reading magazines though. Kind of weird but I have just lost interest. I'd rather read your blogs!

From the kitchen...we are going to a BBQ tonight to celebrate the return of the high adventure group, so no cooking today but I still need some fresh fruit and veggies for the week. I can take care of that at the Farmers' Market tomorrow.

I am Laura and Robert are doing in their move-in process, how far Chris and Missy have gotten on their remodel over the weekend and how Jennifer will spend her time when school starts for girls in a few weeks and both Chloe and Hazie will have school for the first time. It is kindergarten for Chloe and Hazie will be picked up by the little school bus and taken to her classes a few days a week. I am not sure what she will be doing there but I am excited for her to have exposure to lots of other kids because she is so social! So those are the things I am wondering about today.

I am hearing...nothing but I think I'll turn on my music right now. First up on my playlist...Chances Are.
Today if I could change one thing...the negativity of the media and how they present the news. It is no wonder half the population is on Prozac.

I am quoting..."Look unto Me in every thought, doubt not fear not." From the scriptures; D&C6:26, just helping me get through this past week.
Around the house...most of the camping equipment is put away but there are still things drying out in a few places. The white water rafting soaked everything in Jim's pack.

I am going... to start getting ready for the wedding reception that is happening in our backyard this Saturday evening. It is still in pretty good shape from the retirement party so it should be a lot easier than usual. I am looking forward to working in the kitchen with my good friends during the party. We always have fun helping with the weddings of each other's kids and saving each other $$$.
I am missing...the kids, as usual. And my parents. Dad would have been 93 yesterday had he lived. :'-( Miss you Daddy!
I am hoping...that my friends, Helen and Marie and Lee will have great birthdays this week.

One of my guilty presents to people. I wish I hadn't fallen behind a little this summer and it may get worse with the budget squeeze, but I will be creative and come up with something fun for them.
One of my favorite things...teaching the Gospel on Sundays when I am asked to substitute for someone. It is hard and I get stressed but that forces me to really put a lot of time into it and I really benefit from that. It reminds me of all our blessings and I love it.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...Last Chance Harvey.

I am curious about...when I am going to get down to actually researching our east cost trip coming up at the end of September. Any suggestions on what to do during the fall in New England are welcomed and appreciated.
A few plans for the rest of the week...regrouping after the weekend today, catch up on reading blogs and making comments, dropping by to see Helen today for her birthday, visiting teaching tomorrow, Temple Wednesday, Thursday date night, Friday set up for the reception, Saturday Kevin and Rachel's wedding celebration party, Sunday, church and rest.

Here is a picture and thought I am sharing with you...

A couple of you asked to see more of the photo shoot so here is another picture. I am adding it today because I am thankful that my hubby literally survived the high adventure activity. They did the rafting which only dumped him out of the raft once, but the canyoneering they did was really difficult for him. They did a lot of unbelayed cliff hanging and that really reaffirmed his fear of heights. The bolder hopping over deep crevices and walking on granite ledges and jumping off of 30 foot cliffs into water were not his cup of tea. So he is back and alive and I am grateful and so he. He has only scared me half to death twice in the short six weeks he has been retired. Men...what can I say? One nice thing is he did say he would never do a trip like that again. Yay! His guardian angels were very busy this past week and lots of prayers were answered.


Sister Susie said...

You make me think... is still hot, however, the wind is blowing in front of the rain clouds. Sometimes there's a touch of cool air among the swirl of warm. I enjoyed being back with my teacher friends in Kndg. on our 1st day back at school.
THANKFUL Bright House phone. It's so neat to see who the caller is when it pops up on the screen!
LEARNING ROOM...What did you do! I gained 8 pounds this summer:-( I guess I did too much sitting!
READING...the schedules for this year's school activities! WOW! When did we get into so many schedules?
KITCHEN...left overs of chicken, macaroni & cheese, and tomatoes.
WONDERING...If I'll be ready to meet the parents on Friday. My room-where so I start!
HEARING...Dolly lapping water...and lapping water...and lapping water! She's been on an antibiotic since Friday for a skin alergy. It has now greatly improved.
CHANGE...I know what you mean! I wish they'd take off all of the t.v. ads for viagra. I'm so tired of seeing naked people in outside bathtubs looking at the sunset (of their lives!)
QUOTING...Murphy's Law!
AROUND...I still have some clothes to wash. bed again at 9:00 pm so I'm ready to get up at 5:30 am.
MISSING...Amen, my parents too. This past June mom has been with the LORD for 7 years; dad, 18 years get all organized this year at school!
GUILTY PLEASURE...feeding my dogs ice cream so I won't eat it, ha!
FAVORITE...Working in the sound booth at my church on Sunday mornings.
MOVIE...(It's not a movie, but) I love watching old reruns of Lawrence Welk's Show on PBS.
CURIOUS...about how many pictures I can save into my computer's picture file.
PLANS...get out the garbage for pick-up, get my name tags done for the student tables, get materials and my class ready for "Meet the Teacher" on Friday, and the sound booth on Sunday.
BLessings on you and yours,

Caroline Craven said...

Amen on that whole news media coverage! I hardly watch it any more and mostly don't know what's going on. So glad Jim survived the High Adventure, but shouldn't he be doing High Priest stuff and not High Adventure??? On that trip to the east coast - when Kent and I lived in Conn., we took a Saturday trip to Block Island in the fall. So beautiful and best of all, it's right off the Rhode Island coast. You can rent bikes and bike the island and look at some great light houses (or at least one, can't remember if there is more than one or not). I truly wish I could be a part of that whole helping friends out with weddings. We met with the caterer today - ouch! I would have loved doing the reception in our back yard, but the cost of getting the yard in reception shape was much more expensive than renting a venue and hiring a caterer. Oh, to have the wish of my heart right now!!! We just put Nicki on the plane back to NY today and I miss her already. The house seems quiet without her party-attitude soul here. Have a great week my friend!

Marie said...

Just love seeing the pics of you and Jim together! You are such an adorable couple! Love you to bits! I love it when the temps are cooler too, and not so hot and humid. Thankfully we don't get too many extremes where we are living now. I really admire anyone that can teach Gospel Doctrine class! It must be so hard to prepare for and very daunting. Kudos to you! I am sure that when you do teach you do a super job! xxoo