Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Master Plan is Underway

New England in the Fall

I have to admit that trip planning is not my favorite thing to do. I love to go but the actual planning is difficult. I want to be able to read a book that just says, "Go here and do this, you"ll love it. This is the very best fun for your time and money this place has to offer." I know I am living in Fantasy Land but it is what I want when it is time to do the planning.

Jim and I both hate the idea of being someplace and spending all our time trying to find places of interest. So we love to have a major plan in place, with the idea that deviation from it is OK. By the same token, we love to explore the back roads of places and factor that in. But we don't want to be wandering around wondering what to do. Does that make any sense at all? We have learned over time that planning two things per day is best with lots of free time in between.

But between guide books and the Internet it can get pretty confusing. There is just too darn much information to digest. We like to see things in a narrative form not just tables of places to see and prices and hours operation, etc. We like to read other people's opinions of the places. We both like Rick Steves' books and videos. Too bad he does Europe and not the USA (unless someone knows something I don't??)

Add to all of that, that Laura and Robert have planned two amazingly comprehensive trips for us to Italy in the past few years and I am feeling very inadequate at this juncture. But today I began my search. I am feeling very excited about the things I have read and researched so far. Newport, Rhode Island looks fantastic all by itself! And the fact that that general area is our home base makes it all very exciting.

Rose Island Light House, Rhode Island

We have been to the east coast but not in the autumn. And not to New England which has always been someplace we have wanted to go. I have visions of Vermont after spending just one afternoon there once and Connecticut and Massachusetts must be incredible as well. And we want to see New Hampshire and Maine too. We have a little goal of seeing something of all the states in our life time. I think we are around 32 right now.

Skipping NY (been there) would be fine with me but I wouldn't mind seeing The Hamptons and we'd love to hear our nephew play his base in NYC at one of the many clubs where he performs in Manhattan. So we will see.

Scott many decisions yet to be made. We leave at the end of September so I am cutting it pretty close but until now there hasn't been time.

So I am on it finally...any suggestion would be so greatly appreciated. I have put a little box at the top of my sidebar with specific questions for anyone who knows that area. You can just add your answers to any blog post comment section and I will see it. I'll probably have new questions everyday for awhile now. Thanks in advance for any clarity you can give us.


Julie Harward said...

I would love to go there for the Fall colors! Our SIL was there on his mission and he wants to take our daughter much to show her! I hope it all gets planned to your liking! It will be awesome! :D

Caroline Craven said...

Catching up on all your blogs. You are going to love Rhode Island, no matter what you do, but be sure to check out some fine antique shops and the fun little villages. And, the light houses.

How come Lee M. looks just like she did when we moved 7 years ago. Is she one of those people who never ages??? Your dinner looked so cozy and yummy. I have a good friend out here who's birthday is a few months before mine and I never know what to get her. Next year I am going to cook a great dinner for her and her hubby and invite them over. You make it look easy and she doesn't like to cook.

Marie said...

Whatever you do I am sure that you will make the most of it! New England in the autumn is absolutely breathtaking! xxoo

margaret said...

I have no suggestions... just looking forward to the photos you come back with.

Dorothy said...

I am green with envy! We were stationed at Westover AFB and McGuire AFB in the 1960's. We bought a travel trailer so we could afford to see as much as possible all the way from Nova Scotia to Palmyra down to
Williamsburg and all in between, whenever we had a few days or a weekend. We got to Providence, but with 5 young children in tow, Newport and its mansions were not on our agenda so I am no help there.

I really look forward to your sharing your photos and your trip and know you will love every minute of it!

Sister Susie said...

The lighthouse picture is one of beauty. I have often thought what it must look like during a windy, winter, storm. It makes me think of the song that says, "If it wasn't for the lighthouse, where would this ship be?" (Talking of man's soul in the storms of life looking to the only LIGHT, Jesus.)

I wasn't sure if your autumn picture was real or painted, Then I realized there was some fog that made it look like it was painted, but then I still questioned myself. I'm still getting used to my new glasses! (Yeah, Susie, blame it on your glasses, ha!)

Blessings to you all,

Nicki Craven said...

You will love your trip!!! There is nothing that even comes close to New England in the fall. Driving around in Sept/Oct makes me feel like the world is on fire because the trees are just bright gold and orange and yellow. It puts me in a perpetually happy mood! Have a lovely time. XO