Saturday, August 7, 2010

Did You Know That...?

Did you know that kids in wheelchairs can bowl? I had no idea until a few weeks ago! Check this out!

We took the 8 grandkids and Mhairi, a friend from Scotland, to the University bowling alley when we were in Utah. It was really fun and we discovered some undeveloped talent too. Miss Chloe definitely has the athletic gene and she did really well. She had never bowled in real life but she loves bowling on the Wii. She transferred her skills nicely and had several strikes and spares over the two games they played. It was really great to watch them all playing together on side by side lanes.

All the kids had fun and did a great job even though for a lot of them it was their first time to give it a try. Most of them got some strikes and all had their own little style of walking up and letting that ball fly.

Chloe and Connor

Julia nailed two strikes in a row!

Chloe looking on as Hazie goes for the Gold.

And did you know.....
Kids in wheelchairs can win the game?
I've never known a not quite three-year-old
in a wheelchair
to do such a thing..have you?
SWEET! (sigh...)


Caroline Craven said...

How fun is bowling. We have had a lot of laughs in our family at bowling alleys over the years. We don't hang out there regularly, but the few times we went were always hilarious. I'm so happy that Hazie could fully participate!

Marie said...

Way to go Hazel! I always loved taking my kids bowling, although back home we did ten pin with the smaller balls! It was always a lot of fun! xxoo

Sister Susie said...

Kids love to bowl. I went every so often as a kid. When I graduated from high school, I worked a 1 1/2 before going into college. While working, I got into a league. I carried a 210 average! I surely couldn't play now. My pinch nerve in my hip would not let me do it! It definitely is a fun activity. I still like to watch it on t.v. I have seen special olympic people play. They do a great job too!
Blessings to you all,

Neabear said...

What fun for Hazie!! I used to work as an Instructional Aide with Severely Handicapped children for 12 years. Sometimes the Kwiana's Club would provide the funds to do a bowling party at the end of the school year. We would use a ramp just like the one Hazie is using for the ones who needed to. That included the kids who were ambulatory, but not able to handle throwing the ball. Of course the ramp was used for the ones in wheelchairs. It was always fun, but very tiring to take all the kids on that kind of an outing.

I am glad Hazie had a good time. How sweet that she got the best score!


BECKY said...

Oh Bon! I know that just had to bless you grammy socks off to see Hazie bowl! And to win!! How cool is that!

What a blessing that you get time with them!! The blessing goes both ways!!

Pluggin' away on my creations. Can't wait to get this shop open! So many details!! The Lord of course is working it all out!! I'd be in such a heap of mess without Him!!

Have a wonderful week, dear friend!
Love you lots,