Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chandeliers and Bobcats Are Us

Clifford, Jim and Bob

I think I have mentioned before that we do not have any pets. Oh, we have had our share in the past but since the last cat passed to another owner, we have chosen not to recommit. We do have lots of deer that live here with us and other wild life so we don't really miss having a little furry something or other to take care of as we once did.

However, things have changed as you can meet Jim's new cat, Bob! A year ago about this time I was starting to wonder and worry about what retirement might be like for James. Well, can I just say, I have never seen him happier than he is right now. This pet of his turns this mature, retired guy into a gleeful little boy! When he jumped up on it and started tractoring around here all I can say is I have never seen him like that! And I could not be happier for him. He has never really wanted any "thing" if you know what I mean. Every occasion, and holiday I struggle with something he might like. Well, finally he has something he really wanted and I am thrilled.

I think it is great...he is much more practical than me with my chandelier (Viva la Difference!) He has been able to accomplish so much with Bob. He started to dig a pad to place a raised floor on peers and completed this entire project in less than a week. If he had had to dig it out and hand grade it, it never would have happened. It was just too back breaking and time consuming to even consider. Dave came over to help him and this project happened in the blink of an eye it seems.

After the grading he put in this nice
retaining wall to hold back all the dirt.

Then he did all the framing for the raised floor.

The next thing I knew, look
what he and Dave had done.

10x12 ft of storage space.

I love the little window and the
nice venting and the barn doors.

It is a nice place to keep things that you
just don't want sitting out in the weather.

He did a ton of research and got a really nice unit. He is just improving things around here daily. I love it. The best part is, he is really enjoying himself. God bless him, he thinks hard work is fun!

One of James' famous sayings is, "It doesn't get any better than this!" I tend to believe him, he is always genuine about the proclamation. And since we have our new pet, I am hearing it a lot more often. And his face is pretty smiley all the time too!


Julie Harward said...

LOL that is beautiful..and that hub of yours must love it and have a great ego because of his adoring wife standing around taking pictures of him as he lady! ;D

Marie said...

Bonnie, I dare not let Todd see this, for fear he will want one of those pets too! Todd couldn't hammer his way out of a paper bag however. He is just not talented in that way. Give him a pencil and a piece of paper however he is a dab organizer!! xxoo