Thursday, May 12, 2011


Aren't these Fergie's Girls?
(Or is the one in the blue Monica Lewinsky?)

I love the Royals with all my heart, but this is possibly the funniest thing I have seen this year! If I had to pick one picture that suits my sense of humor to a T~this would be it! This is going to tickle me for a long time! Hahahahahahaha!


Sara said...

Oh I love the comparison pictures you have! I laughed so hard when I saw Eugine and Beatrice (I think that is their names) at the royal wedding. Did they seriously think they looked good in those hats??

laura.elizabeth said...

I agree- that is hilarious!

Bonnie said...

Linda Ann wrote:

Seriously Bonnie that post with the wicked stepsisters hats was really, really funny. I know it was late when I jumped on which may have been a factor but I couldn't stop laughing. Fairy Tale prince and princess come to life. You have a studpendous eye and gift for irony in such a small space! Love you, Linda Ann

ps the light in the bedroom is fantastic!

Faye said...