Sunday, May 29, 2011

Piper Takes The Gold

Piper's Graduation from 6th Grade!

The last day of elementary school!
Piper (left) with her teacher Mrs. I

and her best friend since pre-school, Mitrian.
Middle School, here they come!

Piper last summer

Be forewarned this is a post written by a bragging set of grandparents!!

Our Piper received the Presidential Gold Award for Academic Excellence upon her sixth grade graduation. Only 7 students in her school achieved this award. Can you say proud parents and grandparents? The following criteria is from the Internet regarding this award.


I removed her last name and school for security
note...signed by President Obama

The purpose of this award is to recognize academic success in the class room. To be eligible for the President’s Award for Educational Excellence, students must meet the following requirements: (Gold Medal)

1. Grade Point Average:
Students are to earn an A or A- average
starting in fourth gr

2. Standardized Achievement Test:
Achieve in the 85th percentile or higher
in math OR reading, starting in

fourth grade.

3. Conduct Grade:
Students are to earn an A average
in conduct starting in fourth grade.

Piper in 4th grade
3 years is a long time to work towards something!
Congratulations, Piper!

Piper also achieved this great award from her school.

Her mom wrote, "This is the group of kids that earned the Satch Patch. It's a citizenship award the kids can earn over 4 years for academics, extra circulars, service, citizenship and behavior. Only a handful of kids get it because it takes four years: 3rd-6th grades. It's a big honor for these guys. They work hard for it."

4 years is even longer to work on an award!
Great kids aren't they?

Piper's Terracotta Warrior

Each member of her class sculpted one! We have some replicas of some of the real ones that Jim brought back from China a few years ago and this one she did is excellent! Good job, Pipey!

Annual Art Contest

This painting is done on a very large canvas,
(we happened to be there when she was working on it.)

She got first place in her age group for the art contest this year with the above picture she painted. She also got 1st place in 6th grade for the Writers Olympics this year for a spooky story she wrote.

This is her Faith In God Award

She got this award from church after doing all her
requirements and attending Primary for nine years.
Now she is in the Young Women's Program of the Church.

Piper, this has been a staggering year of achievement for you. You are an amazingly talented young woman and this note from your mom teaches a great lesson. She is a very wise mother, as you well know!

Jen wrote, along with sending all these great photos...

"Just for an added bit of humility, she did try for and do a lot of things this year that she wasn't #1 at, here are a few: lead roll in the class play, science fair, 7th grade application to student council, the track meet, etc. I told her if she participated in a lot of things she would really shine in some and just have a good experience in others and she has been pretty good about that."

Piper, the winning is not the important thing, it is the trying! As your mom has said, if you try a lot of things you will excel in some and just have fun in the others. The important thing is not being afraid to try. This is how you will discover your talents, perfect them and bless others with them. For after all isn't that why God gives each of us some talents? We are to bless the lives of His other children with them. You do a fine job of that.

Another important thing is being a humble and gracious winner and a gracious and happy person when someone else gets first place as well.
We also see these good qualities in you. We love you, Honey! Three cheers for you! Watch out Middle School, here she comes!

All these areas where you have been honored are just wonderful. We are very pleased in the young woman you are. However, if you never won a thing we would love you just as much. Because grandparents love their grandkids completely, just the way they are!


Sister Susie said...

Tell Piper congratulations! What a testimony!
Love to you all,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Can't even begin to imagine why you are such proud grandparents??? lol

WOW....Go Piper!
what an accomplished and talented lil gal she is!! Her sculpture was great, and I really loved her painting, it was so cute and well done. They really need to frame that and put it somewhere nice.

Wonderful awards.....every single one! She is a chip off the old blocks..........and what a great thing that is....Wonderful!

Give her a very big Congratulations from me!! She makes me proud too!
It is wonderful to see children excell like that, and to see children that come from good homes with nurturing,encouraging and Godly parents and grandparents, what a difference that makes!!!

Tons and Tons of Blessings to you all for your faithfulness.......