Monday, May 30, 2011

When Clever Artist and Foodie Collide

Wanna Go On a Picnic?

Got Chop Sticks???

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone. I saw the cutest thing on Jen's Facebook page so just had to share. When the weather disappoints with overcast and rain on the first official picnic day of the season... and your kitchen is out of commission because you are painting and sealing your own laminate counter tops to look like granite or marble......

This looks amazing, doesn't it?
She threw in some copper glitter just for me!
(or well, maybe because she loves it too!)

And you have four darling girls that
want to do something fun...

and a hubby
home from work with an actual day off.......
What do you do?
Well, if you are Jen.......
You create......a Chinese Van Picnic!

They made faux sushi roll-ups.

Sweet coconut rice + fruit = Frushi!

~And Sushi Treats~
Rice Krispie Treats and Gummy Fish

These girls will never forget
their happy childhood!

Great job, Jen and Lowell!


Marie said...

What a wonderful idea!! I am sure htey built some wonderful memories as a family that those children will carry with them throughtout their lives as well! xxoo

mandy* said...

This is one of the best ideas I've ever seen!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

That food is just too cute!
Faux sushi.........she is such a creative Mom. I bet they had a wonderful time. So cool that they are painting their kitchen counter tops, tell her she must share some pics with us.....please.....Jen!!

It looked great in that picture,
and the pics of the girls.....just so adorable as always. I get the such a kick out of your grandies,
so glad you share them with us.

Tell Jen I give her the creative Mom of the year award. She is an amazing young woman, Bonnie. You guys sure did a lot of things right with all your wonderful children!!

Blessings for a great weekend,
Can you tell I am catching up??? lol