Saturday, May 28, 2011

Zachary James~Going Bananas!


Happy Birthday, Zach!

We are going bananas over here because we never get to see you on your birthday! But that doesn't mean we don't think of you and wish you a very Happy Day! Most of my friends already know you but some new ones do not. So everyone, this is Zachary James and he is seven years old today. He is the second son of Christopher and Melissa. Just yesterday he finished the first grade.

This is Zachary with his teacher Mrs. S. She is so pretty, isn't she? Zach is really going to miss her and his friends from first grade. We got to meet her this year when we went to Zachary's class because he was the VIP of the week. He got to introduce his Mom, Dad, his Brother Connor, Sister Anyslee and Little Brother Owen, and Gramma and Grampa to his class.

He brought a little object that reminded him of each of us and told about it, then we told a little about ourselves to all his classmates. It was early in the year and we noticed what a good teacher he had and how she was able to keep the children's attention the entire time. All the kids sat on the floor in a semi-circle. When Zach said he had two brothers, everyone who also had two brothers would pop up and then sit back down. Brilliant. The kids kept listening and popping up and down throughout the whole presentation.

These are some of the things Zach really likes. He likes our family friend, Shelby that he has known for a long time and they got to be in the same class this year. He also likes his good friends Tyler and Brady. He really loves math! He is also excellent at the Wii and we love to watch him play it.

When his mom asked him what he would like to see in his birthday blog he said that he really loves to clean the floor, and bake with her. I see a great husband and father in the making, don't you? And he is wanting to learn how to sew so I bet he will be a good missionary someday too! He can then mend and sew on buttons, etc., right? Zach also enjoys their new trampoline and riding ponies it appears!

For his birthday Zach said he might like a little sewing kit, a Leapster Didj spelling game and maybe even some Pillow Pets? We hope he will enjoy what ever he finds in those birthday presents. He has some birthday bucks so will enjoy going to the toy store to shop. Zach is also going to go to see a movie for his birthday, it just came out yesterday and is Kung Fu Panda II.

Hope you enjoy it Zachary!

For dinner Zach wants rice with a special sauce his mom makes, it is his favorite dinner. I am sure she will make him a special cake or treat, he may even help her to do it since he likes baking with her!

He will really miss his Daddy as he is still in Africa but he is coming home tomorrow! Yay! But his Dad will call him today and that will be a great addition to his special day!

Zach, Dad has been helping these little kids
get clean
water to grow their garden at the orphanage.

But his work there is done now and he is
his shoes shined and
coming home to all of you!

He is helping this man earn
some money for his family first.

Now that Zach is seven he will be preparing and learning more about Jesus and the Gospel for his baptism at age eight! That will be great, but he already knows a lot about all of that because in his family they read the scriptures every night together and that is how children and adults learn about the Gospel.

We are very happy that you are seven, Zach! You are a very fine grandson and we are so proud of how kind and loving you are. We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks for our big, fun, family reunion.


Hope it is the best Birthday ever, Zachiedoodle!
All our love, Gramma and Grampa
and one to grow on XO


LA Adams said...

Zach sounds like a boy to be proud of! I hope he has a really wonderful birthday.

Sister Susie said...

What a nice picture of Zach with his teacher. I had many of those too on Friday!

I see Zach likes animals too! Rather than riding, I would have wanted to just pet and hug on the pony!

What a difference when children are brought upon the WORD of GOD!
I could see this in the classroom!

I am so proud of you and your family, Bonnie!

Love to you all,

P.S. My blog has been double spacing the sentence lines. How do I get it to single space?