Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In Our Midst~A Valiant Young Man

Spencer with his mom, his teacher,
his biggest fan along with
his entire extended family!

Spencer is having a big Birthday today. He is 12 years old. This is a very significant birthday for the boys in our church. It is when they are ordained to the Priesthood and when they begin to accept some of the sacred responsibilities of the men in the church. This marks a passage from childhood and Primary to the Young Men's program as well. So this is a big day in the life of an LDS boy and his parents. Congratulations, Spence, Laura and Robert! I can remember how exciting it was when this big day came for your Uncle Christopher, Spencer. We wish we could be with you this week.

This is the cake Laura made for Spencer last year on his birthday. Of course the military service of our Armed Forces is a big part of our lives and we love and respect the men and women who defend our country and our freedoms that often come with a high price. Of course his Dad, Robert, is at the top of our list, as is their entire family, for the sacrifices they make everyday for the rest of us. I wonder what the theme of the cake that Spencer is having today is?

Spencer follow your Dad's example
and you will never go wrong!

Maybe this year's cake has something to do with The Boy Scouts Of America? At 12 when a young man enters into the Young Men's Program of the church, the activity arm of it is the Boy Scouts. They will meet once a week with the other pre-teens and teens of the church and have fun, wholesome activities and do service projects for those in need.

Once a month they will have an activity with the Young Women. This program is so wonderful for the youth of the church and teaches them to be wholesome and responsible and good church members and citizens. They get a lot of guidance on educational pursuits, careers, etc. as well, in addition to that the goal for them is to become an Eagle Scout. They have wonderful camping experiences with their friends and adult leaders. Many do attain their Eagle and it is not an easy task.

They also work towards achieving a Duty to God award that requires them to do quite a bit and helps prepare them for adulthood and spiritual and civic leadership. They also have an opportunity at this age to start speaking in church on Gospel principles. It is a very big step forward for the youth of the church. So Yay! Spencer, we are very happy for you! Your Grampa has spent most of his time in Church over the last thirty-something years working with the young men. You have a lot of fun ahead of you in the next few years. These are the years you will save your money and prepare to become a full time missionary for Jesus Christ for two years at age nineteen.

It seems like just the other day
you were soaking in our tub!

And camping over here at
Gramma and Grampa's house.

Look at you now,
You and Ross are growing up
Right before our eyes!

He should be your best friend all of your life!

You are such a great student and a good inventor.
You remind us of Uncle Chris!
I have a feeling that secret invention to help
you know who, will one day be a reality.

You are a wonderful, thoughtful, fun and funny
son and grandson, and brother,
nephew and cousin for all of us.

We are so proud of you, Spencer!

Here you are with Grampa at Yale last fall.

What a fun day that was! And Yale! I am a Yaley! Well, I should clarify...after a Cougar, that is! I loved the campus at Yale! Just like Hogwarts, wasn't it with its "Houses" and stone walls. Remember that giant swing? That was such a great trip and the best part was being with you guys!

We are looking forward to seeing you very soon in Utah and then here with us in CA for a week. We are going to really have some fun! Spencer we could not be more pleased in your good choices and the boy you are. You have so many fun and important things ahead. We are very excited about your new school for next year. You will love it. What a privilege to have gotten accepted. They know quality when they see it. Congratulations and a very Happy Birthday! We love you with all of our hearts!

Gramma and Grampa Are Celebrating Your Great Life today!
We thank God you are ours every day!

and XO to grow on!


Marie said...

Happy Birthday to Spencer Bonnie! What a nice young man, and so handsome too! (but all your family is so good looking!) I just love all the programs of our church. They embody all that is choice and good about this life we have been given here on earth. I know if we choose righteously and follow the leadership we have been given our lives are so much better and happier. I love this church and the Gospel so very much. I wish that I could help my family to see how very wonderful it all is. You are so blessed. xxoo

laura.elizabeth said...

Awesome post Mom, thanks! Those pictures of the boys when they were little brought back so many memories. I can't even believe how grown up they are now and yet it seems like yesterday they were tiny. Time is funny that way. I love my boys and feel so blessed to be their mom. It has taught and retaught me me every important thing about living well and loving fully.