Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fancy Pants Girls!

Some girls are just born wanting to be fancy and loving all that sort of thing. Our granddaughter, Julia, is one of them. Ever since she was little, she has loved the glam and glitz attached to being a girl. Julia has always been fascinated watching me put on makeup or fuss with the hair or anything like unto it. She loves clothes and flashy and fun. In the above photo taken about 3 years ago she is entertaining herself with this very full box of kid's play makeup. When she was really little sometimes I would buy some body glitter and let her have a little fairy dust or perfume and she was in seventh heaven!

This is a letter from Julia, also from 2008. I betcha didn't know I am sparkly and love cold drinks! Actually the cold drinks part was revelatory to me as well.

My recent love letter from Julia

Double Clicking makes it easier to read

When we were apart she would think about those make-up sessions and even drew a picture of herself when all fancied up. Don't you love a kid's self-portrait? So revealing and fun. I always tell our granddaughters they are beautiful, because they truly are~not just physically but deep down where it really counts. I use those moments to let them know that it is more important to be beautiful on the inside and that a happy disposition and pretty smile makes everyone beautiful.

Isn't she beautiful? Love the new glasses!
Check the bronzer, the liner...the brown eye shadow...
the subtlety...

Our beautiful, sparkly Jewel does not need a
speck of makeup to be lovely.
She probably never will.
But we do have fun and enjoy that part of
the day though when we are together.

When she was seven she wanted to open her own business it was called...

Julia Mae's "Happy Feet" Day Spa

From a previous post...

I was able to get an interview with this lovely proprietor of the Happy Feet Day Spa and Salon this morning and these are the things she asks me to share. Her spa is open by appointment only and she is willing to take day or evening appointments. So just call her at any time at home and she can arrange to have you in for your massage. She says she offers, massage of your feet, lotion, perfume, and will even do new polish for you. BYOB. She should charge $2.00 per foot and she wanted me to tell you that she is the only one that actually does the foot rubs..she will not be passing that off to an assistant or anything. All you Provoites should take her up on it. She does a great job! You will feel, relaxed, entertained, and your feet will be very happy! If you ask her I am sure she will play Jake Simpson's version (hers and my personal favorite) of "Isn't She Lovely" and/or "You Make Me Feel Like Dancin'" by Leo Sayer on her MP3 Player during your special day spa treatment.

This is Julia last summer. She is beautiful because of who she is inside. Her happiness and goodness make her radiant. And she is completely comfortable in her own skin which makes her an excellent subject for a photographer. The thing about Julia that I think is outstanding is that she is multi-faceted and genuine. She is also self-assured in a humble, nice way. That is such a gift and if only it had been given to every little girl, young woman, mother, grandmother, and woman on the planet it would be such a different world.

My Beautiful Chocolate Eyes and her team.

Here she is just a few days ago after winning a relay with her team at their end of the year track meet. She is on the left and just full of beauty no matter how casual or glam she is.

At Christmas time she saved her money and bought me a very glamorous ring. Every time since then that we have talked she asks me, "Gramma, did you wear "it" yet?" Well, I explained that I hadn't been anywhere nearly fancy enough for that show stopper. However, I promised her I would wear it the first opportunity I got. Well, last night we went to the theater to see a play so I took that opportunity to fulfill my promise! So here it is, Jewels, just for you! I did feel very fancy pants in it, just so you'll know.

I am thinking it must be me...because I got one very similar to this one from our grandsons, Spencer and Ross just the year before. Also silver, immense and very sparkly. And now you know why these kids light up my life so much. I do love jewelry, but nothing makes me look or feel more sparkly then their love. And no matter what it is, if they make it for me (like the painstakingly laborious, beaded, bracelet Ross made) or if give it to me, I will wear it. Life is too short not to. Stuffy just doesn't suit me at this stage of my life, I guess. I am not sure it ever really did!


laura.elizabeth said...

I think I got the "sparkly" gene too! Thanks for passing it along mom! And I am delighted that Julia got it too as they certainly doesn't manifest itself in anyone around here!! I am so glad you got a chance to wear the ring she gave you- I love it and think I might have to borrow it at some point! Love you lots!

Marie said...

What gorgeous grandchildren you have Bonnie, and what a lovely ring! You are so very blessed! xxoo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
Feel like I haven't talked to you in ages. Thanks so much for all your well wishes and prayers for our special day, and also thanks for coming back this morning and understanding about the pics.
Yes, I have learned..........
about being very perceptive and careful!
This is such a beautiful post about Julie, she is such a lil cutie, and love her hairstyle!! She looks like her Aunt Nellie!! lol

Don't you just love lil girls that are all girls, my daughter was like that too, and still it as I am sure you do too.

that was quite the ring she gave you I must say, very pretty, and looks great on you!!

Saw your new chandelier and must come back and read the post about your bedroom redo, looks great can't wait to read it.

Love you sweet friend, and thanks so much for wanting to enjoy this
special and precious time in our life. You are a special lady!!
Bless you this day hon,

Sister Susie said...

What a beautiful thing for Julie to do for you! Your ring from her was a wonderful choice!

Her picture drawing shows she really is an artist! It's amazing how the natural talent comes out when they are young! I remember my brother's drawings. Most were more on the comic side!

I was more of a "tomboy!" I liked being outside riding my bike around the island I lived on in the Florida Keys. Over the years, mom was glad I got into make-up, clothing attire, etc that was girly things. We even went clothes shopping together.

Julie should frame her artwork!

Love to you and yours,

Julie Harward said...

I think us girls are just born with that fancy gene in us...I just love your beautiful grand daughter, she has such a gorgeous you! I love the blossom ring she gave you too, they are all the rage right now too. (As for the quote..yes use it,,and Sheri Dew has been my very favorite lady for years now. I lover out spokeness and her strength..I think I was her friend in Heaven for sure! I have her set of tapes with her talks and I listen to them all the time) :D