Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Simple Woman's Daybook~March 6, 2013

Our lives pass swiftly by! I want to do something to remember
the everyday moments and my thoughts about them.  
That is what this daybook is all about.
Focusing on the little things that become my life.
One entry at a time.

Just for today~Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Outside my window...It is 5:45 PM and I am having a somewhat frustrating day so decided to just stop working and do my Daybook in hopes of a recovery and being somewhat productive!  The weather is gloomy although it was quite lovely earlier this afternoon.  We had a lot of rain and wind overnight, calm and drippy this morning, clearing and then another round of fast moving clouds.  Having checked our phones several times today..the weatherman is just as confused as the sky.  Rain/no rain appearing every few hours for the next few days.  It is no big deal except that we are trying to plan a day trip this week and wished for sun. 

Also Jim is working on his workshop area so needs no mud is if possible.  Not possible...he is out there with Dave anyway.  He just walked by and said I am to add that "I saw two sexy guys working out in the back!"

 From my office window there is a beautiful white blossoming tree and I am hoping whatever weather is ahead will leave the blossoms on the branches.  They are so lovely and I'd love some great light so I can take some pictures before they blow away.  But the truth is we don't always get what we want and the trick is to roll with it.  So doing my best!  :-)

I am thankful for...God, life, family, friends, happiness, pulling together to face the struggles and a peaceful home.

From the learning room...we need to give up on the idea of the perfect everything.  No such animal available.  So we work and we strive and hope and we praise God and we take things one day at a time.  If we are moving forward we are successful.  We are OK, our lives are sufficient and we are more blessed that the billions that have lived and died upon this earth with very little in the way of luxury, comfort, an abundance, or anything that resembled leisure.  Progress, not perfection is the attainable goal.  Perfection, as we think of it in this life, never was.  The funny thing is God knows this, He made us.  It is us who struggle with it like the little child that wants to do it all..."by myself." 

Our journey in the right direction is what is important to our Father, as it well should be for us.  He wants just for us to be faithful and progressing with clean hearts and hands and a desire to do His will as we rely on Him.

I am reading...When Broken Glass Floats still and all kinds of things to prepare for my Family History and Genealogy classes.  Both are enlightening and When Broken Glass Floats...very sad.  All about one girl's journey through her childhood horrors, perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia in the 70s.  Believe me, none of us have any complaint at all by comparison.

From the kitchen...I spent the better part of Monday getting things ready for the next 10 days or so.  So all is good in the kitchen and pantry.  Now I don't have to worry about it or think about it.  I like doing that.  Having to say, "What shall I cook today?" is not my idea of fun.  I have been preparing a lot of veggies, etc. for the frig and putting them right in plain sight and that has been good.  Nothing like that goes in the dead vegetable bins anymore.  Saving money and calories.

I am missing...people that are no longer around.  That kind of missing just never seems to go away.  I'd sure like to sit down and chat with my mom now and again, or ask my Dad his opinion on things.  Hmm....Later.  And missing sweet friends so far away, and always family.

Some spiritual thoughts I have been having...when we make mistakes and do things we sometimes regret, I think the Lord forgives us at the first moment of repentance for that sin, but the healing of His Atonement for the natural consequences of our mistakes takes much, much longer.  I suspect half of that time is working on forgiving ourselves.  His continual and unconditional love for us is always there.  But in our mortal state it needs to be re-realized by us during that period where we are still suffering and feeling unworthy of His grace.

I am hearing...Jim talking on the phone in his office and other than that just the quiet of the night right now.  I am reminded of how much I might like to turn on some music.  I think I will listen to Il Postino's soundtrack.  One of my most favorite movies about two unlikely friends that touches my heart in very special ways and the music is very soothing.

One of my guilty pleasures...Ahhh, Movies.  I do so love being swept away by the stories of other places and times and people.  It reminds me of a quote that says a person that doesn't read only has one life.  But a person who does has many.  I think the same thing can be said of movies and plays and concerts and the like.  They are so broadening.

Pet Peeves...Trip planning.  There are just too many choices for everything like car rentals, flights, destinations, hotels, etc.  You feel like you are a bonafide travel agent when you get done.  That has never been one of my aspirations.  It reminds me of going to Walmart to buy diapers.  Have you done that?  Holy Cow they have an entire long wall, stacked to the ceiling with choices in size, brand, colors, duckies or no duckies, boy versions,  girl versions, pull-ups, night diapers, you name it they have it in all varieties.  It is absurd, confusing and too much for someone past their childbearing years to bear!

I am going...get off the computer and go watch Downton Abbey with my hubby in a few minutes.  Yay!  Always fun.  This is my third go around on season three now.  Twice with James and once with Laura.  So I pin on Pinterest part of the time on my iPad as I know the dialog by heart almost.  But I love doing it with him, so I do.  It is cute it is about half way through any of these series that he starts to get anxious about how many more episodes there are.  He hates it when they are over and we have to wait for a year to pick it up again.  He is still not over Larkrise to Candleford being canceled.  We are going to watch the Forsyte Saga after this.  Cannot wait.

I am quoting...Pinterest:

  If I could change one thing it would hackers would just be put away indefinitely.  Anyone that gets their jollies out of messing with other people's accounts and lives, etc. needs a long long time out of circulation in society.

An enjoyable movie we have watched lately...The Help.  Funny, serious  and just plain crazy racism that needs to just go away forever.  Loved the movie.

I am curious about...people...lots of people and how they think and what motivates them and makes them tick.  And most of all, why they do the things they do?  Always a mystery.

Plans for the rest of the week...Working on a PowerPoint presentation for March 17th, going to a funeral tomorrow of a young boy who died this past week.   I worked with his mom years ago and have since watched her take care of her child tirelessly for about 16 years.  She is a SAINT!  He had severe birth defects and required constant care.  He has now been released from this earth life and I want to go and support my friend and the rest of Andrew's family.  Tomorrow afternoon and evening going out with three or four friends to celebrate our friend's birthday with shopping and dinner.  Day trip with Jim on Friday including a stop at AAA to get books on the states we are visiting soon and hopefully get in some photography.  Saturday baby shower luncheon, work in Oakland for a few hours as there is a Multi-Stake Youth Conference and they have kids coming into the Family History Center that will need help, and then back home for a wedding reception and lose one hour of sleep.  Sunday trek to Oakland to hear Elder L. Tom Perry speak and then home for a cottage meeting with a new group of budding genealogists, the list goes on.  But I'll stop there for your convenience and my sanity.  One day at a time...right?

One of my favorite things...Sleep!

One thing that made me so happy this week...Nellie and Jim are grandparents for the first time to a beautiful little girl and Susie is a great Auntie!  Congrats my friends!  Love to all.  God is so good!
A photo I am sharing this week... this is such a beautiful picture that I found on Pinterest today.  It just says all things Spring and Easter and Fresh.  I find it simply stunning  And fun that they put some radishes in with the eggs and flowers. Beautiful design work.

So Gorgeous, don't you think?
God=The Master Artist!

          Until we all return...
❤♡♥♡❤♡♥♡❤♡♥s, Bon


Marie said...

Haha Jim. That did make me laugh. Husbands . . . they're so charming. What would we do without them! Love your daybook as always Bon! So much here to make me smile and think and pin. I have begun pinning on my ipad too. It's easier. Thank goodness for dvd where our favourite shows are never gone, just waiting for us to take out the box and enjoy them all over again. I have enjoyed over these past 12 1/2 years introducing Todd to American Sitcoms he had never heard of such as Leave it To Beaver and Andy Griffith. These shows just never get old. LIkewise Newhart (The one with the Inn in Vermont) They have only ever come out with the first season of that and we are now watching it for about the fourth time. All I need to hear is the music at the intro and my heart goes to a happy place! Love you much! xxoo

Sister Susie said...'s 10:55 a.m., bright spring skies, and about 68 degrees.
The unsual cold weather we have had has allowed my first blooming lily to last more than a few days, it's been 1 1/2 weeks!
THANKFUL...The LORD Loves His children and carries us through the trials of this life!
LEARNING...patience in all things!
READING...GOD's Final WORD, Understanding Revelation.
KITCHEN...The preparation is great, but the blessing even more so!, since on the 5th it has been 21 years (already) since he entered into the presence of our GOD! Where has the time gone?
THOUGHTS...Because in the mind of Almighty GOD, knowing everything, all things have already happened. Man is just "catching up" to what GOD already knows.
HEARING...preaching from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (on tv.)
PLEASURE... once in a great while, a good homemake hamburger with all of the fixings!
PET PEEVE...Your pet peeve has become my blessing. Alice (my neighbor) has planned all these things for our trip across the U.S. in August! She has done it so many times before with other friends! visit my great niece!!!
QUOTING..."Our needs will never exhaust GOD's supply!" Daily Bread
CHANGE...the same thing you mentions with scammers!
MOVIE...Happy Feet! When joy comes to me, I can't keep my feet still either, ha! criminals have more protection than those they have committed their crimes against!
PLANS...Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn!
FAVORITE...Sleep doubled! I am beginning to understand how the elderly become as they were when babes!
HAPPY...Of course, my great niece, Brooklyn!
Love to you and yours, Susan

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bonnie,
Always enjoy your daybook, and thanks for your happiness for us, that was so sweet and touching! I love that floral arrangement, so pretty.
and the 2 sexy guys out the window,
so that hubbies have a great sense of humor huh!

Sounds like you are gonna be a very busy girl, no wonder you like sleep so much!! lol I have really liked it myself this week especially.

Am hoping to get to see our lil angel today, since we haven't seen her since Wed. nite, I am having withdrawal symptoms. lol

Susan and Dee and Jerry got to see her yesterday, can't wait to hear about it........Susan said Megan looked good, I talked to her and she is feeling some better but not there yet........course, it has only been 5 days today, so takes a while to get back to normal. Scott will be off for 2 weeks, and might
take an extra week if he needs to.

Hope you have fun planning your trip and that it turns out to be a very fun and enjoyable trip for you.

Have a great weekend hon,
Love ya, Nellie