Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Mom, You've Been Under The Radar Lately!"

For Max

I got this text message from Jennifer this week.  I guess I really have been under the radar this week.  To say the week has been busy and intense would be an understatement.

Some friends of ours lost their baby grandson a week ago this past Friday.  The baby had some congenital  problems that were known before his birth.  After the birth many more were discovered.  His tiny little 4 pound body just could not sustain life here on earth.  Wednesday night they had a visitation at the mortuary and hundreds came to share their love and support for them.  Their children, the parents of the baby, live in our ward.  They have two precious little girls and are the sweetest, most faithful people you'd ever want to meet and love.  Our hearts go out to all of them in a constant stream of love and compassion.  We find joy in knowing they will be with their tiny boy again one day and their faith with get them through this. Yesterday we worked on a dinner we are taking in to them today.

 This whole thing has been on our minds since before Christmas when we first learned of the diagnosed issues.  It was so reminiscent of how it was for us with Hazel.  Our friendship with his grandparents deepened considerably as we shared some things with them about grandparenting and supporting their kids.  We love these friends so much and pray for them daily. 

Moving on from here.....


Last Sunday I gave my Family History and Genealogy PowerPoint presentation to the Cambodians church members that live in the Oakland area.  That took weeks of preparation and researching their history and was a very rewarding experience.  They are a beautiful and humble people and were so eager to learn how they might preserve the memories of their ancestors and immediate family members that died at the ruthless hands of the Khmer Rough.  Some of them that escaped Cambodia were there and still working through the tragic loss of their relatives including husbands and fathers.  Jim came with me and my good friend, Carol, did too.  That meant a lot to have them both there with me.  I just love this work I am doing now and find great value and satisfaction in it.

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Monday I got caught up a little and prepared a lesson on searching Immigration Records and Ships Manifests for work on Tuesday.  I also did some research on my own family and discovered an amazing possibility that I might be a descendant of the Mayflower passenger, and signer of the Mayflower Compact, Stephen Hopkins.  A real, honest to goodness Pilgrim! 

By Wednesday night I had confirmed it.  I am indeed his descendant!  He is my 11th great-grandfather born in 1581-82 in England.  I was crossed-eyed and exhausted but what a discovery.  The fun part is seeing how many others have descended from him that we all know like Sir Issac Newton, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Jane Austin, Agatha Christie, John Steinbeck.  I love that so many of them are writers.  The more important part is that I know the genealogy is correct as hundreds of professional researchers have blazed the trail, as admittance to the Mayflower Society is based on proven genealogy.  Now I am not sure that I will ever join the Mayflower Society but my real prize is knowing my family heritage and being able to pass that along to our children and grandchildren.

Thursday we took a break and went to San Francisco with our sweet young friends, Margo and Tim, to go to the De Young Museum for a special floral event.  That is going to get its own post soon.   

The floral designers did arrangements
 that complimented the art work and they were
Spectacular and Beautiful!

Friday I worked on recording all my new genealogical information and verifying it all again. I also watched the live streaming of the Rootstech  Conference 2013 for a good part of Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday morning.  It was phenomenal!  You can catch some reruns here.

And last but not least, 
I worked a little on our trip back east.
  First stop...Charleston, South Carolina!


Well those were the big rocks in my jar and then fill that in with a lot of sand...the little things that keep one busy.  And that is all of why you haven't seen me on here for a week.  I truly have been under the radar.  It has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs.  But I have to apologize to Jen.  She and her family are coming for Easter and at this point I am so not ready!  So that is next on my agenda.  Well, after Church and a meeting here this afternoon and dropping off the dinner to our sweet friends.

 I hope that you are all doing well and having a great time with all of your fun activities as well.  I'll be back soon with the details on that art show soon.  Five stars for the San Fransisco Fine Arts Museums.  We plan to be lifetime members!  It is the best value around these parts!  Enjoy your week before Easter preparations, both spiritual and temporal.

Love to all,


Sister Susie said...

It is so Good to know GOD will reunite us with our loved ones whether young or old in the LORD. Ever soul is precious to Almighty GOD, so much so that He died for us all to be reconciled to Him forever!

Our church has a group that went to Haiti this weekend. They took over 150 dresses and 100 pants that the ladies sewed for the children as well as $12,000.00 to help rebuild their church that had been destroyed by an earthquake. What a joy to do this for fellow Christians!

My mom's side of the family is traced back to Ireland, my dad's back to American Indian. I always like to say I came all the way from Noah! LOL!

I am doing well. I celebrated with Jim, Nellie, Scott, Megan, Brooklyn, Jerry, DeeAnna, Rosie dog this passed Saturday for his birthday! Nellie's birthday is next Friday! It is so great to have such joy with our family's!
Love to you and yours, Susan