Sunday, March 3, 2013

Alleviating Proverty Little by Little...

Remember when Jim went with the BYU Design Team last summer to Peru?  This is what they did.  Both our son, Chris, and Jim are seen in this video.  I am so proud of them.  Here is a little peek into what they were doing.  Here is the link for those of you that follow by subscription.


Sister Susie said...

How wonderful it is when joy can be felt in these projects. Our church is helping out a Haitian church that lost theirs. The women in our church has made so many beautiful clothes (in bright colors) for the little children. We have a team that will be going back to assist in rebuilding as well as hand out the clothes! "It is more blessed to give than receive!" Acts 20:35! Thank you for all you do!
Love, Susan