Thursday, March 7, 2013

These Are A Couple Of My Favorite Things

 Laura and Jennifer

Being their Mom and spending time with these two beautiful women is probably definitely the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.  Honestly, how is it that moms and daughters can have so much fun together?  We laughed ourselves silly and enjoyed every minute of our time together.  We have to find a way to make this an annual event.  No husband or kids ( God love 'em) just us.  We talked non-stop, enjoyed nature, photography, movies, restaurants, and shopping until we were dropping.  It was a completely a.m.a.z.i.n.g time.

We were able to set all of our worries and pressures aside, no big responsibilities to weigh us down and no things we HAD to do.  We all love the lives we lead but what a luxury to have this time to just be.  Who wouldn't love that?  "Not me," said no woman ever!

The thing I loved most I think was just being able to talk without interruptions.  You remember...form a thought, ponder it, share it and wait for a response.  A lengthy conversation...No phones, no doorbells, no diapers needing changing, no laundry that couldn't wait, no carpooling, no lessons, no scouts, no schedules to keep, no body wanting anything.  It was just so unique, so revitalizing.  This is the first time we have ever done this.  It won't be the last.  My apologies to family and friends that wanted to see the girls.  I am sorry to have been so possessive of our time together.  We agreed to it from the beginning.  We didn't even answer our phones or email and I didn't go to work.  Actually also missed church too as Laura had a bad headache that first Sunday and the next Sunday we were at the airport picking up Grampa.  That was kind of weird, we rarely ever miss a Sunday.

Laura was here for 2 weeks and Jen was able to come for five days.We were so sad when Jen had to go back.  We promised not to have any fun after she left but the car just veered off the freeway and into Lafayette on our way home from the airport.  Whoops!

Here are some of our adventures at Orchard Nursery and The Lazy K Gift Shop captured on the camera.


This is the front door of the Lazy K. 
 Pretty, vibrant and inviting!
Lafayette, CA
Nothing but eye candy from beginning to end.

We have been searching for a chandelier for our dining room 
since Christmas.  They have some beautiful ones.

Is this not the sweetest pillow?
Makes you want another baby!
I bought it for our nephew and his 
wife who are expecting their first.
(a Girl!)

The Coleus Plants were vibrant and prolific!
We love visiting beautiful nurseries.  

They have the most fun signs for the garden. 
 I just loved this one.
 Somehow Laura got back there before she left
 and got me this one. 
 I love how they have made it look vintage with paint. 
I found it in the guest bedroom with 
a sweet note after she left.

All their plants at Orchard are so very
 healthy and well-groomed. 
 Just lovely and such a lift in winter!

This was so gorgeous in 3D

We love window shopping on the inside!


Sister Susie said...

Beautiful post, Bonnie. I loved the baby pillow and the friendship heart!
Love to you all, Susan