Saturday, March 30, 2013

An Easter Thought...

Dear Family and Friends,

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter tomorrow.  I have reviewed some of my very favorite Easter messages and decided this one felt just perfect this year.  We so love and appreciate Elder Holland.  His discipleship and faith along with his spirituality and eloquence are unsurpassed.   May each of your hearts be touched for the good as you listen to this short message about the Savior.

With love,

Jim & Bonnie


Marie said...

Happy Easter Bonnie! I love Elder Holland. He is such a great speaker and always touches my heart! xxoo

Sister Susie said...

Happy Easter, Bonnie! I've noticed the main love of Christ's atonement for mankind's sin is the three hours of total world darkness when our Savior was taking upon Him the entire sins of mankind. GOD the Father could not look upon Him as neither could man because of the darkness. I can't comprehend the evil of fallen man that He endured! When the light came back again, the Roman centurion replied, "Surely this was the Son of GOD!" I can't thank my Savior enough for my Salvation in Him. Easter is such a great time of encouragement for Christians! He has Risen!
Love to you and yours, Susan

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter
Celebration for He has Risen, He has Risen indeed!

Know you must be thrilled to have
Jen and her family with you. wow,
6 months, that is a long time not to see your grandies.........
Know they are just as happy to see you too hon..........

We had a lovely day, and got to enjoy our new lil precious girl.
She is our family entertainment these days, even if it is just holding her and watching her sleep,
we all get such a charge out of it.
Can't believe she is 4 weeks old today, yet in some ways it seems like it was longer ago than that....

Am sort of glad we are into April
as there are no birthdays this month, as it has been rather busy between the birth of the baby, and helping out, birthdays, and company
for a few days every week, and looking for another car, I feel rather
but it was a fun month, but I am ready for a bit of a break, I must

Thanks for all your sweet well wishes for me and my family for Birthday and Easter. Love you hon,
you are a sweetie. I will have to write you and tell you what hubby and son did in Charleston, but got to get the names of the place nailed down first. You will love Charleston and Savannah for their wonderful Southern charm, that place and the people. They are the most pleasant and polite folks I have ever met, it's truly wonderful. Glad you are going in May so hopefully it want be too hot by then. We went in July to Savannah and it was 120 in the shade I gotta take a night time carriage ride there,
you will love it..........that was
a fond remembrance. They have sort of like a boardwalk in the downtown area I think it is, with candle making and fudge shops and all sorts of shops and cobblestone streets, we so enjoyed all that.
Course, it could be different now as it was years since we have been there now. They were all right on the water, so that was nice too.

When I find out about Charleston I will let you know...........

Love and Blessings, Nellie

Have fun..................