Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Beginnings~Easter~Spring~Change


Don't you just love new beginnings?  I do.  Today I am thinking about our son, he is 38 today!  Chris is and has always been such a joy to us.  I woke up just remembering how fun it was to be his mom when he was growing up and how sweet he always has been and how loving.  We miss him.  We always miss him and so dislike having him be so far away but I don't begrudge him for a second for the wonderful new beginning he had nearly 15 years ago when he married and started his own sweet little family.  Now his kids are growing up wildly fast.  Life is fascinating from a grandparent's point of view.  Time is elusive and precious and I am grateful for each new day.  I am thankful that I wake up most mornings with anticipation for what is new and different and exciting.  I am grateful for Chris' new year ahead and the promising year it will be.

Who could ask for anything more?

I am grateful for that feeling of hope and essentially a new birth we experience each day when we open our eyes and for that feeling that the future is full of hope, no matter what the current challenges may be.  I attribute that to my deep faith in the Savior of the world, something I think of all the time.  Because of Him and all He sacrificed, everything is made new and possible and joyous.  Because of Him we can be a family forever.  We can live eternally with joy and peace and happiness.


But that gift is ours right now, today, next week too.  It brings such contentment and security in this life and the next.  I am grateful this good news found its way to us and we have embraced it.  Everything around us testifies of its truthfulness.

Oakland Temple Grounds

Spring, wow!  It is so gorgeous out these days.  The flowers just take my breath away.  Check out these photos on this page.  I took them just yesterday as we walked into work.  What a gift from our Creator!  Easter will be here in just a few days.  And I am thankful.

The Empty Tomb~The Ultimate Blessing
More on this later in the week!

We are so thrilled that some of our family will be with us this year for the celebration.  We will welcome, Jen, Lowell and their girls this coming good Friday.  Having our grand girls with us will be a lot of fun.  And all the cultural things will be more exciting.  This furry little bunny will bring some pleasure to them and that makes us happy too.

I have pinned and collected lots of cool photos celebrating all aspects of this celebration and you can find them here.  Remember each photo is a link if you are looking for some cool recipes to brighten your Easter.

And now I need to get my little (?)  cottontail busy and get some groceries, and some other important things accomplished as I step away from this computer!  Yep, every once in awhile it just has to happen that way.  So Happy New Beginnings, Spring and above all...Happy Easter.  May you find great comfort and joy and happiness in its message and the peace of knowing who it is all about and what it does for each of us as individuals and families.

  And Happy Birthday to the best son in our world.  
 Love to you, Christopher Andrew, on your special day!

And love to each of you stopping by, 
Bonnie and Jim


Sister Susie said...

I am so thankful to say, "Our LORD has risen indeed!" He said, "I go to prepare a place for you; and if I go, I will come again that where I Am you may be also!" What a promise to all of us who belong to Him!
Tell Christopher Happy Birthday for me.
Great is our GOD, Susan