Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Beautiful Piper Turns 9 Today!

It is hard for Jim and me to realize we have been grandparents for nine whole years today! Thank you, Piper, for being the first of ten of the greatest little people we know and love! Back in the old days before blogs I started to do some scrapbooking when the babies started coming. Well, I have some fun things regarding the first two or three kids but after that I fell woefully behind. So I am so happy we can blog now. Here is a scan of some of the scrapbook pictures from when Piper was born.

What the text is telling you is that Piper was born in Edinburgh, Scotland to two very happy parents! We arrived when she was about 8 days old for her blessing at church. Grandma & Grandpa Stewart came too!

Here is a picture of Piper on her first birthday! She did love that cake!

Here is Piper with her Auntie Laura last summer when she came with her family to visit us in CA. We all had so much fun together since Laura & Robert lived near us.

Here is Piper just being cute as usual! I had to skip to the here and now as there must be a billion pictures of this young lady and I was getting carried away!

I couldn't resist putting in this one of Piper in her Hogwarts outfit reading Harry Potter. Piper loves to read and has enjoyed lots of fun books with Daddy each night as he reads to his girls before bed! What great parents you have, Piperpoozela!

Here are nine reasons we love Piper so much!
    1. Piper is so sweet and kind to everyone.
    2. Piper loves her family so much.
    3. Piper is fun to be with, she loves to play and be with people.
    4. Piper is so good to her siblings..she is the best oldest sister!
    5. Piper is enthusiastic about life and loves to try new things.
    6. Piper sets goals and works on developing her talents.
    7. Piper loves the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    8. Piper is affectionate and loves to snuggle up.
    9. Piper is a great helper to her parents with chores and the little sisters.
And one to grow on...Piper is a great student!

Happy Birthday Miss Piper!
Grampa and I send our love to you today!
Enjoy 9!

~7 of our 10 grandkids~
Julia, Owen, Connor, Piper, Aynslee, Chloe & Zach
And our good friend, Mitrian, is standing in the back!


Deanna Munoz said...

she is beautiful!!!! What lucky grandparents she has! Lol!! You are the cutest grandma!

Miss Jen said...

This is so sweet mom! Thanks! I'll have her look at it later and she will love it too!

Miss Jen said...

Well ,thats nice.I really did have a good B-day.I got a lot of stuff. You should write a story like that for Julia. She loves it when you write things about her.
I love you.

Bonnie said...

thank you, Miss Piper, I love you too! I will write another story about Julia but first I have to write on about Owen, and Chloe and Hazel and one about Spencer as I only did one on him and it was more about the place we all want to live instead of about him. But Julia is on the list for her third post one day! I love writing about all of our grandchildren...you are all amazing! I am glad you got a lot of stuff for your birthday! Be good this year, Pipey!

Love you too, Gramma