Friday, March 7, 2008

One Of My Many Dream Houses

A week or so ago Vanessa posted this great photo of her dream house on her blog so I promised her I'd send mine. The house I have chosen just whispers serenity. I love it! I would almost buy this house without even seeing the inside because the outside is so awesome. These people have such great taste that the inside just has to be fabulous.

You can tell by the way they take care of the yard that they do not neglect maintenance issues inside the home. Wouldn't you just love to sit in the gazebo with a lemon aid or play a little croquet? This house is almost oozing curb appeal!


It almost seem too harsh to include some other homes I saw today to make my point but I have been wanting to photograph these houses for ages and so here they are:

They say a man's house is his castle....well, that does not mean his yard is his kingdom! These homeowners are a rude bunch with no regard whatsoever for the optic nerves of anyone else. You must consider your neighbors in your paint decisions~it is the rule!

No, no, no~People!
Egg Yoke is not a color for exterior paint!
Corner lot, naturally!
They tried to make this cuter by adding this
hideous paint on the picket fence around the front
of the house. Nope~not good!

Easter Egg Blue is only good one day of the year~
This is no way to win friends and influence people!
The camera has been kind to this
house it is much brighter in reality!
There are many blue houses that look good.
If the paint is too bright take it back and have
them add white! Don't just keep painting.

And now, drum roll, my all time favorite
Ugly House Award goes here!

This house is on a corner lot also so it destroys two streets!
And yes, folks you saw it here~
It is For Sale! Any wagers on how long it will take?
Curb Repellent instead of Appeal

This photo was so dark I had to lighten it but rest assured,
the true color is what you see on the side view of the house above.

There simply are no word except~

Never Stripe your Clapboard Siding!
Never, Never! Never!


The Christensons said...

oh no no no! do you have to look at all these houses? i know that yellow one is across the street but oh that stripe one! yikes!

love the dream house. i'll have to take some hideous ones of the ones around here...but it might be a super loooooong post! (i will though put up a post of my house when i first got into it, and now! soon i think!)

Bonnie said...

Actually I only have to see that yellow one when I get my hair done. It is on the corner of the street where my hair stylist lives. We have had some lively discussions about it too. The striped one is on the way to the freeway..yikes! Fortunately we have a lovely home across the street from us so problems there! I would love to see your then and now photos!

I should have posted this whole thing on my design blog but I don't want my clients to know how crazed I am sometimes. Especially about stuff like this! Maybe I'll do a watered down version of it over there one day. We'll call it, "Curb Appeal?"

Laura said...

I am loving this post. How funny! It is hard to believe that people would make these choices for their home. I am very amused, as long as they are not on my street!!!

Laura said...

The dream house is breathtaking! That is a fabulous house!!! I would take it without looking at the inside either. You just know it is gorgeous inside, too.

mandy* said...

Ha ha!! I used to pass by the last house on the way to the freeway. I never understood it. I also had a dreamhome that I would buy without seeing the inside. However, it is in Rexburg. As much as I loved it there, I'm not about make it my hometown.

schoolgirl said...

I hate to say it, but you have the monopoly on Most Hideous Houses (you've earned it both ways it can be read.) In fact, although I love your oasis of serenity, I can't stop chuckling about the other five modest beauties. So fun!