Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hazel Update From Jennifer

This is a post from Jen's blog for those of you who don't link to her.

Ohhhhh! Little Hazel! Someone told me that it takes about 5 years to figure out everything you'll be dealing with when you have a child with a serious health problem. I guess we 'll think of these visits to the hospital as research into Hazel's over all health.
Hazel has C-Dif (the intestinal bacteria thing), she got it from taking too many antibiotics-they kill the good bacteria and cause C-Dif to flare up. She also has some unusual strain of UTI that took 7 days to culture. A normal UTI takes 48 hours to culture so this is some bizarre thing. We are very hopeful that this is the cause of all the high fevers though. The antibiotics are helping and she seems much happier! She is getting a PICC line today so that she can come home with IV antibiotics. The last thing is that she's had to go back on O2 and is up pretty high on that. Ideally, they want her off of it before sending her home. So while she recovers from the PICC line sedation and all the other stuff, they are trying to wean her off the air too. I am really really hoping that she comes home tomorrow. Cross your fingers and we'll let you know!

The family celebrating Piper's 9th Birthday with Daddy & Hazel Jo!


Miss Jen said...

thanks mom!

I put my blog list back on the side bar. Do I have blog links that you don't have?? I switched everyone over the google reader so that I didn't have to look them all up every time. I didn't put them all back over, like dad's and laura's but let me know if something is missing that you were looking for.