Friday, March 21, 2008

One Thing About Grandbabies Is

You don't have to see them very often to know you love them with all your heart. Meet Owen, Chris and Missy's littlest guy! Owen was born on June 2, 2007 and he is growing up so fast.

We haven't been able to see Owen very often in his short life and when we have it has been hectic times with Hazel's birth and long stay in the hospital, the holiday season and all that brings, and then Connor's Baptism. In the special little moments I have had with Owen I have learned that he is so easy to hold. He is one of those babies that molds perfectly into your arms and is contented to be held and loved. He is a very smiley guy. He seems very good-natured and mellow, he rarely cries at least when we have been around. He is just one little dream baby really. Happy, healthy and so good. And is he not beyond adorable on top of all that? His nickname is Owie!

~Missy has sent some current Owen Highlights so here they are~

  • He is loving table food & wants nothing to do with baby food.
  • He is crawling all over every place.
  • He is pulling himself up on anything he can grip his fingers on to.
  • He is getting bruises as he has not mastered the balancing act yet.
  • He loves to snuggle and get kisses.
  • He prefers our pillow top mattress to his crib (sigh)
  • He is a babbling maniac.
  • He puts everything and anything into his mouth~very curious
  • He is super fun and super sweet.
One thing I have learned like nothing else over the past nine years of being a grandparent is that the heart has an overwhelming capacity to love and love deeply. I would never have thought we could love anyone like we love our 6 big kids and ....big surprise .....we do. And another thing with the babies, that love is in place long before they are even born. It is just a gift and one of the most fantastic things about being at this age and place in our lives. These little children bring unadulterated JOY there just is no other word for it, and in such great abundance. There are some rotten things about getting older but let me tell you~this is the buffer that makes it all good. Have I mentioned lately that God's plan for us is perfect? These thoughts and feelings wash over me daily and I am so thankful for all my blessings. And right now I am thinking primarily of Owen and missing him. I once heard someone say to never let your good memories fade and just bask in the light of reflected that is what I am doing now ~thinking about being with Owen in January!
We love you, Owen!


Mommy said...

i love you bonnie. i love your words of encouragement and your thoughtfulness. everyone that you know is blessed to have you in their life. have a great time in italy, give the americans big hugs for us!!

Miss Jen said...

This is a cute boy! I saw him today ad he is growing up so fast. He looks so much like Ayns!