Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ross Boss Apple Sauce

Hi Everyone...Meet Ross! He will be 6 on July 3rd. He is my "Birthday Twin" as he was born the day after my birthday and he is constantly reminding me how soon my birthday is coming up. Lovely news! He gets so excited so I figure I might as well too!

I don't know why it is taking me so long to get all the grandkids introduced to you. Rossie is our 3rd born grandson and belongs to Laura and Robert. Ross is named after my father, Ross, and his middle name is Andrew after Jim's grandfather. However, I think his middle name should be Hilarious!

Ross at 5 the day they left for Italy!

Ross was born in Fairfield , CA and I had the pleasure of attending his birth. I guess I can call it a pleasure since I was not the one on the table, right? We should have known it would be a roller coaster ride with Rossie when the attending physician turned out to be a member of Laura's ward who kept saying, "Don't I know you from somewhere?" She assured him they had never met and was so relieved that the ward boundries were changed right after Ross was born and she never had to see him again in the halls at church! Gads, can you imagine? That is amazing and it wasn't even Utah! Having Laura and Robert living close and such regular contact with the boys really cemented them to our hearts forever. We were so sad when they moved to Mississippi.

Ross at 2 after they had just arrived in Mississippi! Still unpacking!

Rossie has always been a very energetic, happy boy. He loves to be outside and I can remember when he was a baby he always wanted to swing in his swing outside first thing every single day. Spencer was so excited to have a little brother but couldn't understand why Ross couldn't play the minute he came home from the hospital.

Good little buddies!

Since then they have been the best of brothers. Most of the time they play nicely together and have enjoyed so many things together. I love these pictures where they are just cracking up.

Ross enjoys bike riding and has been so good at riding a two wheeler since he was four. He loves to go places with his family do all kinds of fun things. He and Spencer are both great swimmers and even go off the diving board! When Ross was little he really loved ice cream and I think he still does. Maybe it's gelato now?

Is there something on my face?

Chocolate Gelato!

Ross is a real people person. He loves people and has never met a stranger. He is so loving and one of his hugs will make you feel loved for a long long time. Ross loves numbers and has been counting to a thousand since he was 3, he has always found numbers fascinating even as a toddler. Ross loved the chickens they had in Mississippi too. He could run and catch them with little effort. The thing that makes Rossie so hilarious is that he is always saying really funny things. Ross loves videos and Leapster and the math cartridge is the favored one. He is enjoying his time in Italy and can already count way high in Italian. He says Si for yes all the time now when we talk to him on the phone. He loves stuffed animals and he and Spencer have quite the collection. Here is Ross when he was little with Poley the Polar Bear that is staying with us while they are in Italy. I am taking good care of him and yes, I admit I do hug him every once in awhile when thinking of our boys!

Rossie loves to snuggle!

We are all lucky and blessed to have him in our lives forever. He wants Uncle Chris to invent something that would allow Gramma and Grampa to come right through the screen to Italy when we talk on the web cam. That sounds good to us too because we really really miss them since they moved to Italy.


The Christensons said...

very cute grandkids!

laura.elizabeth said...

Mom this is great! Ross will love it when he sees it today after school. I am sure he will have something funny to say about it so I might just have to comment again. Thanks for doing this.

laura.elizabeth said...

Ross says,
"I love grandma and grandpa. Why I love grandpa is because mostly before dinner he takes me and Spencer to the park. Why I love grandma is because she usually says yes when I ask her for stuff. I love them both because they are very nice to me. I also like them because they are really good grandparents. I like grandpa because he takes me bike riding too. I love both of them because they don't just walk away when I am saying something to them. It is very very fun being at their house because sometimes our cousins come and it is just so fun with them. And I do want to send you this message in the mail (but mom says, sending it here is even better!) I like the way they act too. They both give me hugs and kisses when I see them. When I see them out the window I like to run out and give them a hug. And one more thing... I can't wait to show you something when you come to Italy! Two things that is, okay never mind that is the end of what I am trying to say."

Wow, get this kid his own blog- he is a natural, hu?

Jim said...

When I grow-up I wait to be as cool as Ross!