Monday, March 3, 2008

Princess? Absolutely!

The other day I received this letter on my blog from Julia, our sweet little 7-year-old granddaughter.

"Hi Gramma Bonnie,
I have a question: What am I the princess of? It is not Orem. So please tell me the answer.
I miss you.

Sincerely, your beautiful granddaughter,

PS I love you."

My Dear Sweet Julia,

I have been thinking about your question and here is my answer:

Here are some things I know about being a princess. What makes a little girl a princess is that she is born to a Queen and King who love her very much! They became a Queen and a King by making good choices. You can do the same. Grampa and I know that this is true about you, Jewels.
Every little girl is born a princess of the city where she was born. So, in fact, you are a princess of Orem. I know this is true because I got to see you on the day you became one of the little princesses of Orem. You were too tiny to have a crown but you did have a sweet little yellow bow on your head to celebrate your princesshood.

There is a little prince that is growing up right now that is going to be a righteous wonderful man someday. You will be his princess when you marry in the temple.

What makes a princess beautiful is not just how pretty she is but how sweet she is and how she treats others. Julia, your princess gowns and your crown are not as beautiful as your sweet smile, your kindness, and how much you love everyone.

Lastly, your are the princess of your grandparents. All of us love you so much and you are the Princess of our Hearts. I love this picture of you holding Baby Halo~We love to call you our "Beautiful Chocolate Eyes" for a good reason! Your Mom and Dad named you, Julia, and I think your name is perfect. You are our precious Jewel!


Your Gramma and Grampa

P.S. We love & miss you too!


Laura said...

What a beautiful answer to her question. She is lucky to have such great grandparents in her life!!!

The Christensons said...


laura.elizabeth said...

Very sweet Mom. You are awesome and Julia is so sweet. I agree Julia is a princess through and through.

mandy* said...

What a fun thing to read!

Miss Jen said...

Thanks Gramma!

I guess I am the princess of Orem even if I have glasses.



Miss Jen said...

I've tried to leave this comment a few times but it won't let me so here is my last try...

Julia worked on that comment for about 45 minutes. She was all in a twist because Piper was born in Scotland literally about 4 blocks from Edinburgh Castle, so Gramma tells her that she is the princess of Scotland. Anyway when I told Julia she was the princess of Orem she was utterly disgusted and told me she needed to write to gramma right that second ti find out what she was really the princess of....It was pretty funny.

RaYnA said...

Hello, I am one of Laura's many friends in Italy. I was looking at her blog and noticed yours. I absolutely love your answer to the "princess" question. I can tell she is a very lucky girl.



Bonnie said...

Hi Rayna! Welcome to my blog! I am so happy to meet a friend of Laura's here! We are coming for a visit the end of this month so maybe we will meet in person. I hope so. Visit my blog anytime..your comments are always welcome! Glad you like my little princess...we are so blessed to have five little princesses and 5 little princes in our family! Ciao for now! Bonnie

Miss Jen said...

I love the photo of Uncle Steve! I never realized how much Nick and Alesha look like him! Super cute!

Jim said...

My sweet Julia Mae Stewart, you are and will always be, the Princess of our heart!
This thought is from all those in your family.