Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Son!

Dear Chris,

In less than a week on March 27th you will be 33!
Whoa! How did this happen so quickly?There are so many wonderful things about being the parent of an adult child. One that is not so neat is missing so many birthdays as years go by. But Dad and I have had fun picking a few pictures of your life to share on the blog to honor you and the fantastic son you have always been.

If Dad and I could have written a story of your life when you were a baby and included all the things we would have wished for you as an adult, you have had and done them all, Chris. We are so pleased with all your choices in the big and small things. You have stayed strong in your faith in Jesus Christ and continued to grow and learn, you have worked incredibly hard to achieve your education and career goals, and you have chosen a beautiful, loving wife and together you are raising an amazing family! You have been a joy to us from day one~we love you, Son! Happy Birthday!

Love, Mom & Dad


laura.elizabeth said...

Mom this is awesome! Wow, Chris is such a great guy! I really loved growing up with him and REALLY miss him now! I loved seeing how much Connor and Spencer look like Chris did when he was little. I loved the scouting and inventing pictures- they remind me of Spencer in every way. Thanks for taking the time to do this Mom- it is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful life. Happy 33rd Chris!

Miss Jen said...

Totally awesome mom! Love it!--Jen

Chris said...

Hi Guys, Its Chris, just seeing if I can post a comment before I write something longer...

Bonnie said...

Yes you can, this is great! Not hard either! Hope your birthday was a good one.

Bonnie said...

Here is a copy of Chris' note!
Hi everyone. Chris here.

Thanks for the birthday greetings on the bonblog. The pictures were great. We loved them. You must have done a lot of scanning! I thought the one of me with Magnum PI shorts was a bit much though!
Missy told me you called today. Thank you. I was in meetings literally all day and they did not end until just a short time ago.

I got a new stapler for my birthday. I had wanted a new one for 12 years... I kept waiting for the old one to break. It finally did, well kind of... it might still work, but I'm not going to look into it too deeply.

Have a nice time in Italy.