Monday, March 10, 2008

Easter Random Sampler

Piper and her Easter Basket!

I have had so much fun taking pictures of Spring this year. Blogging has just made life so much more interesting for me. I had kind of lost interest in taking pictures when I knew I would never catch up on the scrapbooking and we didn't need anymore boxes of pictures to trip over. With the blog I now have a place to put them~cyber space! That is better than renting another storage unit!

Last week as I was shopping for a house we are staging this week I happened upon these beautiful snipits of spring around the area. Spring just got me thinking about Easter and all the symbolism of new beginnings and birth and the eternal round of life. The longer I live the more I see God's patterns in everything and the more I appreciate them.

I think God is very partial to pink! Have you ever noticed how many tree and flowers are pink? Many of the other colors of flowers are hybrids~yellow roses as we know them have only been around a few hundred years!

I like pink , but not as much as you probably think from my pink blog template and all the pink I have been photographing. It is just so beautiful as it dots all the green hills around here.

These photos are all taken in Moraga, CA

Ever since I started blogging I have been trying to go through our previously mentioned 16 boxes of photos and get them scanned and organized. This morning I ran across this photo of my Dad and that started the random thoughts of how much I miss him, how sad I am that he died so young (61) and missed so much of his own, ours and his grandchildren's lives, etc.

I realized that none of his great grandchildren,including his namesake, Ross, have ever seen this picture of him. In fact, I doubt that Lowell, Missy or Robert have seen it either.

That just brought me back to the beauty of spring and Easter and Christ's gift of Eternal Life and families being forever and it made me realize that our little ones will one day know him well. That just made me feel so happy to realize all our kids and Erin and Scott and Nick and Alesha, Raul and Sebastian and all the little babies yet to be born, will one day get to know Grampa Ross and love him as we do. Even though we live in a crazy mixed up world, God's plan is perfect and filled with order and comfort and I love that!


Miss Jen said...

Wow, great photos. You do need to get you a new blog background. You'll have to do it over the phone with Lowell so that he can save your widgets for you. I sill don't really know how to do it.

Love the pics of Grampa too. I need all these old pics burned onto a disc.

Bonnie said...

I do need a new background. I am just freaked out to do it after the last fiasco! I also need a counter on my other blog. Can you twist Lowell's arm? Every time I start to do it I get to that place where it tells you if you mess up you will be plagued with adverts..I say adios!

Tell me how to do the cd's and I'll make some. I cannot believe I am publicizing all my computer ignorance in one comment! Glad they figured out Hazel's reason for the fever. Poor baby!

Bonnie said...

That Grampa, he was a looker, no?

Laura said...

As you know I love pictures and LOVE flowers, trees, and nature, so thanks for sharing---I can't wait till my bulbs start to bloom, they are starting to come up---YEAH!

laura.elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing the picture of Grandpa and your testimony of the blessings of Easter. I love the pink flower pictures too. The pink is out full force in Italy now too. I love it!