Friday, October 15, 2010

All Good Things Must Come to an End...

A lovely view in Boston~Autumn is the time to visit.

Our trip is winding down now and in all honesty, I am pretty tired. We have been on the is how this family rolls. We keep busy and love it that way, but it does take its toll after several weeks. Today it's cold and blowing a gale and when Laura suggested we take the boys and go to Fort Adams and get some kites for the beach...I knew it was time to say...PASS! I just needed a down day. So Robert is home studying and I get to work on my blog for awhile and do laundry with no interruptions. Woohoo!

Although I am tired just from the running....I am also very relaxed. I have only felt stressed a few times during this entire trip. One of them was the last couple of days spent in Boston and driving out to Cape Cod. After so much time on the back roads of New England the buzz of Boston brought surprising culture shock. So many people, so much frenetic energy, so much to see, so many choices, so many crazy freeways, honking horn and sirens. The photo above is the only place that seemed quiet and serene...we were in a traffic jam.

Boston has one traffic situation that is so amazing. The big dig. Opened just two years ago this is the most amazing tunnel. Look above the entrance. It is under ground and water for 1 and 3/4 miles. It was a little disconcerting to drive under those skyscrapers, but we did it! The rest of Boston's traffic is horrific.

Downtown Boston, the gold-domed building is their State Building, very pretty. Love the old lamp posts and the glass front high rise shows you that Boston is a mix of the old and the new.

Part of the skyscape from the ferry tour we took in addition to the trolley tour around the city. We thought it was the best way to see Boston in a day with someone else at the wheel.

The Ferry stopped at the USS Constitution site. We stayed about two hours and enjoyed seeing this historic vessel. She'll be going out to sea next week for her birthday!

Boston is full of lovely neighborhoods.

Boston has interesting Architecture! Oliver Wendall Holmes claimed Boston is the center of the universe and Winston Churchill said the prettiest street in the world is in Boston.

Boston is Baked Beans and Bricks, lots of bricks! There are over 800 Dunkin' Donut shops in Boston! Unbelievable but true! That almost trumps, Fenway Park, Boston Pops, the Boston Philharmonic for points of interest. They say they have it all...they may be right.

Boston is the home of wonderful sea food and good looking guys! My best advice there is bring your own and enjoy a nice dinner out! We had a fun and frantic day seeing it all in Boston on Wednesday! That evening we stayed in Revere (ah, no on the recommendation list) so we could go to Cambridge to see Harvard, The Boston Temple, and then on to Cape Cod on Thursday!


Deanna said...

Not sure I would like all of that traffic as I pretty much stay out of the center of SA! I do love the fact that in the midst of all of that chaos, you snapped a very lovely photo of those trees. I literally swoon when I view your photos!

By the way, I agree with you on the wonderful sea food and the good looking guy standing by the sea food!

Deanna :D

Caroline Craven said...

I am dying to go and see Nicki (and the east). Is three weeks after the wedding too soon for the mother-in-law to visit? Looking at your pictures over the past few days makes me realize there is a sivler lining to having Nicki live in Connecticutt for the next few years. I am definately planning a trip out there next fall, and a few inbetween now and then!!!

Marie said...

Having driven on the freeway on the outskirts of Boston many times, and at rush hour I can feel your pain! It is horrific! You do look like you are having a fab holiday Bonnie. Love the pictures! Glad you are also taking some down time. It's wonderful seeing and doing everything, but sometimes a little bit of a breather is a good idea as well! Love you loads! xxoo

Sister Susie said...

Not ALL good things have to come to an end. I'm sure you have beautiful trees with gorgeous fall colors!

Your "tunnel" picture reminds me of Orlando, only all the construction of roadways go up nd over (as well as around!)

I have a poster of that State Capital that I have used at school since 1978. The terrain around it then was much different!

Your neighborhood picture reminds me of Hemmingway's home in the Florida Keys.

The building in the round looks like the bank on Front Street in Key West, only it is more pointed like a triangle.

Nothing like the Boston Pops Orchestra! Did you get to hear them?

Looks like you had "Legal Sea Foods" all to yourselves!

What joy and sights you have had and seen. Time goes fast!

Hugs to you,

BECKY said...

Bon Bon! How are you doing, my friend? So good to catch up with your activities! A trip to Boston?? One of my dreams!! I was just talking about it the other day! I so want to go there and Cape Cod and the NY very lovely!!

So how are YOU? I have been working to balance my days, and God has been really wonderful with helping me. Nellie gave me some really good advice the other day that I am going to implement that I am sure will help a lot, too! What a blessing from her!

Love and hugs to you sweetie! Praying for a safe return for you and your man!


Dorothy said...

I'm commenting on Monday----so WELCOME HOME TODAY!! What a wonderful, glorious trip you have had!!! It is tough to bid family goobye but oh I know how you feel about your own bed and bathroom and everything familiar. It is true that "there's no place like home"!