Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rhode Island Kind of Autumn

On our way home from church this past Sunday we stopped for a few minutes at this nursery to take some photos. Every time we leave the house we drive past this on the way to wherever we are going. I have never seen so many absolutely gorgeous nurseries. This one is not that unsual, each one is prettier than the last. The boys enjoyed hanging out by the tractor while I frantically went around taking the pictures. I think the people there thought I was nuts...well, ok, maybe. The boys were so excited to have us take them home from church so they didn't have to stay for choir practice with mom and dad, but they were not counting on this little detour. They were good sports, they always are! They would have been all over that tractor if they hadn't been in church clothes.

I don't think I'll ever see another mum without thinking of New England. They are everywhere. Most people have about four pots on their front steps. A lovely tradition that we are enjoying very much.

We spent the day in Boston today. A lot of fun and expensive. Prepare for big bucks if you visit. Parking=$35.00. I thought Jim was going to stoke out when he saw that...what a surprise! This was the weird part, the first 80 minutes $5.00, everything after that was the daily rate..$35.00. I guessed we missed that sign going in while frantically trying to find a bathroom after battling the Boston commute. I think Jim would have paid double at that point! LOL! Beautiful city though and we enjoyed a city tour by trolley and the harbor by boat. Reminded us quite a bit of San Francisco. Tomorrow, Harvard in the morning and then a drive out to Cape Cod before returning to the kids' house tomorrow night. Lest you think we are never coming home, our plane lands on our home turf on Monday evening! Oh how we will miss these kids!

A big thank you to all for you for your many comments over these weeks of travel for us. We have both looked forward to hearing from you each night. I promise to visit all of you in detail when I get home and things resume normalcy again. We are having so much fun but look forward to getting back now too. We miss our family and friends at home, our house, our bed, you know how it is.


Dorothy said...

Oh my, you are making me so homesick! Actually, William Pynchon, founder of Springfield, Mass is one of my ancestors so I blame him for the fact that I have this longing for New England. I don't know how you are going to get everything in before you return home. I hope you were able to see the homes of Emerson and the Alcotts and Longfellow and Walden Pond and--and--and etc., on your trip to Harvard. The rest of us are dealing with visions of trapped miners in Chili while you are able to have visions of orange pumpkins, flowers, leaves and your family. The photos are gorgeous!

Deanna said...

Such handsome boys! You're right, I know they would have been all over that tractor if they had not been looking so smart and dapper!

I know how hard Monday will be but what a treasure trove of photos you will have to look back on. I have enjoyed each and every picture you have posted for us.

Enjoy the remainder of your trip!

Deanna :D

Sister Susie said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of these beautiful plants could stay this way, always!!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Sweet Girl,
Your grandsons are so cute, that was a great pic with the tractor.
What beautiful flowers...
I have never seen some of those colors of Mum. Gorgeous!!
Bet that is so pretty seeing Mums on each porch. Neat!
So glad you are having such a great time. Wow, #35.00 for parking, my hubby would almost have a stroke too!!
Golllllllyyy!! As Gomer Pyle would say!! lol
Looking forward to having you back home, missing you much.
But so happy you are having such a grand time. Know the kids are gonna miss you too. Maybe they will be able to come visit you in a few months.
Take care and Be safe,
Love ya, Nellie

Caroline Craven said...

There is something so peaceful about strolling through a nursery, unless you are dragging a cart behind you loaded with plants you don't need or have room for or probably shouldn't afford, yet there it is, full to overflowing because you can't say no or make up your mind! By the way, Laura's oldest boy looks a lot like his cousin, Connor, in that picture. Just the cutest photo of those boys!

Marie said...

Bonnie, it is so good to see you having such a wonderful time with your family in New England! Love all the pictures. Oh, autumn in New England . . . can there be any nicer place on earth at this time of year? I doubt it! xxoo