Monday, October 25, 2010

Life on the Island

Once we got settled in, life on the island was really fun. It is so green, uncrowded, uncomplicated there. They are just off the beach by about a block and a half. A nice friend of theirs lent Jim his bike and that made it really nice for Jim and the boys. Each morning they would get up at 6:00 for a bike ride with their destination being the beach, before breakfast and school. They go with Laura normally but this became a special time for a Grampa and his grandboys and gave Laura a little break.

The beaches seemed pretty rocky~ a little boy's paradise!

They love searching for sea glass and shells
and have an on going rock collection.

Jim caught some beautiful sunrises on the camera.

The surf was unpredictable, some days calm,
others quite wild.
The weather was also unpredictable
but one thing you could count on,
sea breezes, everyday.

In the basement they have their school room. It is so perfect for home school and they are really blessed to have such a good teacher. The one to two ratio has its definite advantages, one of them being so much more can be accomplished, in less time. Also they can work at an accelerated pace and have chunks of time off school. That really was nice during our stay. It is just perfect for them to be near all the historical sites in New England as they are studying US history this year. It is just an ideal situation, albeit a lot of work for Laura, it is worth it for them.

This is one corner of the classroom~love the wall words.
They also have a nice table, a big white board
and lots of books and a computer.

During school, the kitchen becomes
the break room for the boys!

The boys come up from the basement school
for a little treat and a break each day.
Most days they brought up a book to read for pleasure.
Both love reading.

A typical road on the island.

A typical home on the island.

A quaint Inn on the island.

The LDS Chapel on the island

War College Museum

War College Yacht Harbor

Jim by the mighty Anchor
near the Museum

So there are a fraction of the fun things to see and do on the island. The kids can enjoy it for the next several months before they get their new assignment and move on. Military life is not easy for all the relocating, but it sure keeps things interesting. It also gives us a new and exciting destination every couple of years. Every challenge has its upside! And they make such a lovely home for their family no matter where they go. You'd think they've been here for years instead of less than three months.


The Hopkins said...

Wow it does look like heaven. What a wonderful vacation you had - next time you need to take your friends along....

Dorothy said...

Ooooooh, I was thinking Robert had been assigned permanently to the War College. That makes your trip even more memorable for you and for their family, since they will be moving on in a few months!

Bonnie said...

Yes, you are invited, Lanette!

And Dorothy, Robert is there for a Master's Degree. School is out the end of May, it did make it perfect for us to visit now.

BECKY said...

Hi Gal! Looks like you had a great time! And she has done a great job with the house!

We are former military, so I know what you mean about moving. It has it's up sides and down sides!!

Love you! Hope you are doing well!

Sister Susie said...

It's so amazing how different islands can be. We lived in the Florida Keys from 1958 to 1983 until we moved to central Florida. It was a wonderful experience other than the hurricanes. We were protected by the Atlantic reef and the Gulf of Mexico's islands all around that were not accessible to cars, only boats. The anchor Jim was standing beside reminds me of the Naval Ship anchors that once upon a time in the past were stationed at Key West's Naval Station. Thank you for your pictures that stir up memories that I can relate to!
Love and hugs to you,

laura.elizabeth said...

Great Post Mom! It is beautiful and peaceful here and you captured that in this post. Are you going to do a post about downtown? I am loving that area more and more everyday. Downtown has every great shop AND it is so clean and well kept. It is awesome. Anyway, I do have a few new things in the school room that I am excited about I will have to send you an up dated picture and I think I finally have it the way I want it! Love you!

Caroline Craven said...

I love all the little towns in the east. I look forward to going back east to visit Nicki and your posts about the places you've visited gives me some ideas. What a treat for them to live so close to the beach. I hope the winters there aren't too bad.