Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Be safe wherever you are. I am so glad the church kids did their parties and trunk or treating last last night. May every parent be nearby when little ones go out. I am always so glad when it is over for another year. Loving the Fall, not so much this Holiday. Sorry to be a party pooper.


Caroline Craven said...

I too, am not a huge Halloween fan. Although, I have to admit, in years past I have taken full advantage of an opportunity to let my inner "wild and crazy" side escape. Last year and the year before I dressed up in a very thin hospital gown with a big plastic butt hanging out the back side. I saw many jaws drop as I turned my backside to the door to get the bowl of candy. Most of the adults knew it wasn't really my big ol' behind hanging out, but I'm not sure any of the kids new it was. From the looks on their faces, I don't think they could distinguish the fake! It was hilarious.

mandy* said...

You are definitely not a party pooper. Who came up with the idea to go to strangers' houses at night dressed up in weird clothes just to collect candy?? Even at the Trunk or Treat last night, I was so worried that someone was going to get hit by a car that I had a hard time enjoying myself! So, I'm right there with you, Aunt B!