Thursday, October 21, 2010

Utah Family Fall Fest 2010

Autumn is in the air!

While in Utah we stayed exclusively with Chris and Missy. Ideally we like to stay with everyone if we are there long enough but the past three years it has been very heavy on the Jen and Lowell side so we could help out more with Hazie. Chris and Missy have been very understanding but it has been hard on their kids. We feel better now that things have evened out a little more.

They worked like dogs to get as much of the basement remodel done before we came and bought a nice trundle bed for Aynslee's room so we stayed in there. Thanks Aynslee! It was great being with all of you! Jim had the opportunity to go to see Chris in action with his engineering students. He sure loved that! Missy and I did some shopping with Owen while the other kids were all in school. My favorite clothing stores, Christopher Banks and CJ Banks are there so I bought some things to take back east. Missy was kind to wait for me. I don't like having people wait but she didn't complain. She is a very gracious and giving person.

Our main reason for stopping over there was to enjoy Aynslee's baptism and party and to celebrate Hazie's birthday. We also got to go to a fun Harvest Festival at the kids' school and had a super fun BBQ at the Canyon with family and friends for Hazie's birthday. Here are a few photos of those fast four days.

This is Aynslee on her baptism day in the beautiful white dress her other Grandmother made for her. Barbara did a beautiful job and Miss Aynslee looked so sweet. What a wonderful day for us all to share.

Chris is all prepared in his white jumpsuit, to baptism his only daughter. What a blessing and a cherished memory. When the little children are baptized the other kids are invited to come up to the edge of the font and watch. It was so joyous to see seven siblings and cousins all gather around sitting on the floor seeing Aynslee take this important step. Oh, I do love being a grandparent!

The boys helped me finish up some mini-cherry cheese cakes Missy was serving as one of several desserts she made for the dinner after the baptism. She is a fab cook and very creative in the kitchen. Great menu!

Chloe, Owen and Hazie!

I love how after dinner the kids all played outside together. Hazie sits out in the yard and they all make sure to include her. To me that is the sweetest thing of all. They are so aware of her and her special needs.

The Harvest Festival at school

This was a big deal for the kids and their families, lots of fun things for the kids to do, face painting, hair styling and painting, lots of games with prizes, pizza, desserts, a silent action to raise money for the school, a DJ, it was a fun time.

Julia with some sort of face paint and a fancy hairdo.

Chris and Missy and Connor and Zach with their fancy hair.

Connor had a flag football game that Grampa and Chris and Owen went to see.

Chris and Owie at the game!

We were so excited about the fall foliage tour we were planning in New England that we had Jen drive us out to the canyon one afternoon in hopes of getting a glimpse. There was excitement in the air after last year when we hit it just right. Wanted Jim to see it first hand! (I think this looks just like part of our street without the houses on it!)

But we did not get there at prime time, still a little too early.

Last year in the canyon on a peak day.

JJ 'Whippin' Her Hair' (Google this) in the canyon! It probably looks just like this right now. Does it get any prettier than this. Not really!

Fishing on the river at Hazie's party!

Lowell was in charge of the fire for cooking and
warmth and marshmallows!
Shelby watches!

Hot dogs for the family and core friends,
all celebrating Hazie turning 3!

Hazie loved her new baby.

She was so adorable with her. She kept hugging her and saying, "Grampa, she's soooo tiny!" She could not be more adorable I promise you! She loved this birthday present so much!

She loved this doggie too but already had her baby stripped
down getting ready for bed!

Morgan and Piper and Mitrian getting ready for a little cooking.

Mesmerized by the camp fire,
snuggling with Aunt Missy and waiting for

marshmallows and birthday cake.

Finally it was nearly dark and time to sing to our baby!

She loved it.

It was a wonderful four days and the next morning came pretty early for our flight to Rhode Island! We are so blessed to have these wonderful sweet people as our family members and good friends. God is so good to us all!


Julie Harward said...

Families are the best thing ever! I love her baptism dress and I love those mini cherry cheesecakes..and Hazie..just melts my heart! :D

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
It was so good to hear from you, thanks for coming over to say Hi and for that sweet email. I have really missed you while you were gone, but so glad you had such a good time, cause I know you love to be with your kids and grandkids, and what a blessing that is!! Looks like such fun, and it is so great you all get along so well. The kids are all adorable as usual.
Loved the shot of you helping with the cherry cheesecakes, they looked yummy!!
Ansylee's dress was so beautiful,
and she looked sort of grown up!!
Hazie looked like she really enjoyed her birthday, so cute with that doll.
Well, enjoyed seeing all your pics, can't wait to see more.
Love ya girly,

Marie said...

Oh how wonderful that you were able to spend all this quality time with your family Bonnie! I loved reading all about it and seeing all the pictures! How very precious your grandchildren all are! You are a very blessed woman, but you alread know that! xxoo

Caroline Craven said...

I love the fall mosaic.

Great family times together. When we were raising our family, most of the time we lived in CA and didn't get a lot of visitors. I always told Kent when we were grandparents, we would go and visit our kids, often. I'm so happy for you and Jim that you have and take these opportunities. My kids loved it when grandparents came to visit, which didn't happen very often. You are creating such treasured memories.

On another note, I'm having a fit of jealousy that Anyslee's gma. has such mad sewing skills. That dress is beautiful. I'm not sure if Anyslee makes the dress beautiful or if the dress makes Anyslee beautiful. Either way, two very lovely creations!!!

Sister Susie said...

Your Fall Festival looked much like ours! I was recruited to help Ron video tape. We had many people from 10:00 to 3:00. The children had poney rides, a choo choo ride, games, slides, face painting, dunking booths, bungee pulls, bouncing houses, hot dogs, cotton candy! A busy day for five hours of video taping!!
Love and hugs to you,

Deanna said...

The grandchildren are all so precious. I love to see their photos and their smiling faces. You have it all Miss Bonnie and they are so lucky to have you and Jim for grandparents.

Deanna :D

laura.elizabeth said...

This is the sweetest thing ever. I love that little girl and feel so sad to be missing so much of her childhood. Anyway, it looks like it was a great day for everyone. And a great visit with Chris and Missy and their family.