Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween: By Julia (Gramma's Literary Society

originally posted on her mom's blog last year

The Halloween Poem

'Little kids looking for ghosts.
Witches flying over posts.
There is a skeleton walking
while other kids are screaming and talking.
There is a jack-o-lantern floating
while detectives are thinking and noting.'

Seriously, how do our children turn out so much more brilliant than we were at their age? She wrote this on her own, this morning, just for fun--not at school or with any prompting. I've never written a spontaneous poem in my life! She is 9." Jen


Sister Susie said...

I love fall just for the beautiful pumpkins and gourds of all kinds. I think they are like snowflakes; no two are alike!
Happy Fall Season,
Love and hugs to all,

Dorothy said...

Seeing the talents and abilities showing up in your grandchildren is a special treat. Julia's poem was just great.

I have truly loved all the photos of your trip. It is just such a beautiful part of the country. My only regret when we lived there was that it was so far from our families in Utah instead of just a state or two away. What a trip you had!!