Friday, October 22, 2010

Arriving in Rhode Island

Just about to land in Providence~ We were getting so excited to see the kids!

I was just telling my friends today..."Rhode Island is not a good name for the state. First of all, it is not an island at all, and second of all, it does have some islands, one of which is Goat Island. So it is Goat Island, Rhode Island. To me it sounds totally redundant and quite frankly a little weird.

Our kids live on a bigger island and it is one beautiful place. There is just something so cool about being so near the sea. With beaches just blocks away it feel like you are on vacation all the time. The best part is it is a vacation with a very limited number of people in your way. There is no hustle bustle and a lot of peace. We spent all of our time there except for the middle of our trip when we traveled to the other five states. It was in a word...heaven. We took several day trips to close by places, always returning at night to this wonderful place and many days we stayed home and enjoyed to beauty of the island.

Laura has not been happy with the house they rented, sight unseen, via the Internet, but it was so delightful. She doesn't like the little things like the size, lack of storage, things that need repairs, tacky base boards, etc. But she did the quintessential home staging project in this place and it is adorable. It was love at first sight for me. I was reminded of how good she is at decorating and how much I missed the time when we worked together in our design business.

This is their cute living room.

They gave us their room with the adjoining sitting room and bath. They are too sweet and I can tell you they were glad to get their room back by the time they left. They said they were comfy in the basement exercise room but nothing compared to this great room we had. Thanks, kids!

This is a high bed. I was laughing this morning thinking of Robert's tiny mom that is visiting right now. She must have to take a running leap to get up on it!

The best part was just being there with them and enjoying the boys and Laura and Robert. If you didn't click over the other day to this crazy YouTube of the boys, you just have to see it so I am putting it here. These boys are so silly and cute and funny and brilliant. Tell me, do you know the elements on the periodic table by heart? Can you sing this song? Not me, I was clueless. What I love about this video is it so displays their cute little personalities to a T. Spence, a deacon in training, Ross, a no holds barred, out there kinda guy! We love them to death and miss them so much now that we are home!

This was one of the first things out of their mouths when we arrived. I made them do it over for the video before we left.


Marie said...

What a great decorator your daughter is, No surprise there! Your grandsons were so cute and I am so impressed that they know all the names of those elements!! The mind boggles!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bonnie,
wow, Rhode Island sounds lovely.
Laura has done a beautiful job with her home, love her colors, especially great for this time of year. So sweet they gave you their bedroom too. Nice they have a basement at least, that must make their home a lil bit bigger.
Island living is quite different from normal places. We used to live in
Key West and it was very laid back and quiet and peaceful. At least that is how it used to be, don't know what it must be like now, it has been 23 yrs. since we have been down there.
So glad you were able to have lots of time to enjoy being at home with them as well, as traveling.
I am sure they miss you guys as well.
Hope you have a nice weekend hon,
Love ya, Nellie

Julie Harward said...

How did they ever learn all that?! What a fun visit and it looks like you had a beautiful bedroom to stay in too! ;D

Dorothy said...

Oh My!!! Two things that got to me in your post. 1. Those boys are something else! That was just the cutest thing and no I don't know the tune and I don't know the elements! I LOVED that video.
2. Laura has your gift for lovely decorating!! But I also was reminded of the collection of curtain rods and curtains and draperies that we collected in our many moves before my husband retired. I bought a bolt of fabric at a place in Concord before we went to Panama with a home with massive windows all around the house. I bet you know just where that place is Bonnie!!

Deanna said...

The boys are too funny! How in the world did they memorize all of that?

Laura's home is precious. I love the color scheme she uses.

Deanna :D

Caroline Craven said...

Laura must have gotten her decorating gene from you, obviously! Did you speed up those boys because my ears could hardly keep up with them. I think I recognized plutonium and sodium and a couple of others, but the rest sounded like a fast foreign language to me!

laura.elizabeth said...

Mom you are too nice. The pictures make the house look better than it is but thanks for being so kind and so accepting of its not-so-great qualities. We are comfortable here though and it is safe so I really should not complain. We are very blessed. We have always had great houses that have always felt like home. Anyway, the boys are a hoot. I am glad you caught this on video. I hope I can laugh at it someday. Perhaps when they have the States and Capitals memorized we will record another video for the collection!

mandy* said...

Catching up on your blog. This video is hilarious!! I can't believe how big those boys are!!!!!!