Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog Comments With More Appeal

Did you know that there is an easy way to get responses to your comments on people's blogs? I ran across a blogger that sets out how to do this very clearly and you can find it here.

I think this would make a conversation so much easier, don't you? I have had my settings set this way for a long time and I love it when people respond back when they can. This way any questions can be answered with an e-mail.

And if you really want to make your commenters happy go into Settings and then Comments and select "No" for word verification and Save your changes.

Anyway, just a thought....Happy blogging!


Mandy said...

Love this post!! Thanks for spreading the word about the e-mail settings and saying NO to word verification! :)

Sister Susie said...

What???? I don't even know how to get my blue sides changed! I'm new to all of this (even though it's been a year) and I fear I will mess something up if I try something I haven't done before!
I think I'm Susie, I think I'm Susie...See how you have confused me, lol!
Love, Susie

Caroline Craven said...

I think my word verification is turned off, and I just did the edit so hopefully, we can have easier conversations. You'll have to test me to see if I did it right!