Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feeling The Love of The Sweet Life!

A little peek at the mantel~
It is almost Valentine's Day, can you believe it?

The last couple of days have been so neat. After we did our 8 hours at the Regional Family History Center the other night, we were thinking staying home on Wednesday and Thursday would be great. It has been. It was one of those times when things just clicked along perfectly. We were accomplishing a lot but not rushing. When we felt like stopping we could, etc. It was such a little domestic moment, I loved it.

Jim received a lot of tools from a friend that is moving and so he spent the better part of both days reorganizing his things out in the Man Shed. He wants to build a work shop up there and so he has been collecting stuff to put in it.

As for me I puttered around the house, rearranging stuff, cleaning out the refrigerator and pantry, chasing cobwebs and just hanging out with my Kindle and stuff like that. It was so relaxing. Today Jim had a dental appointment and we had our car serviced so two more things to check off the list of "have-to-dos."

So tomorrow we are taking our day trip. Boy, the weeks just fly by, don't they? Tomorrow after my friends come over in the morning we are heading out to Santa Rosa and Petaluma for some fun and exploration.

As if the day was not wonderful enough yesterday, we received a package in the mail from our Laura! Isn't it just so neat when someone sends you a little love in the mail for no apparent reason except that they are sweet and want to brighten your day?

She not only sent gifts but designed and made them. She sent us two signs (done in Italian) for our cottage that speak of La Dolce Vita or the sweet life. I love both of them! They conjure up such memories of Italy for us!

This was the first one she made. A long time ago I had asked her to make one for over the towel bar by the soaking tub. She didn't like how it turned out so she never sent it. I do like it a lot and am going to keep it in the kitchen.

This is the new sign she just made with the bathroom in mind. I wish you could see the colors and texture on the background better. Maybe a closer shot would help?

She was going to bedazzle them with just thin dusting of the finest glitter but it was too cold to do it in their garage in Rhode Island so Jim will finish them. This one is going in the bathroom for sure. I think I will hang this one with a ribbon. When it is up I'll take a photo! I Google Translated this and it means we love/enjoy the sweet life.

As if these lovely creations were not enough she also included a beautiful coffee table book on Italy with the most gorgeous photos ever! Here is a random glimpse!

And then tucked in the corner of the box a little handmade necklace from Rossie that says, "I love you and Grampa too, it is true!" with alphabet beads and some glass beads too. What a precious grandson! And I know how much work this is, I have done beading before.

I could just see him sitting there concentrating and putting these beads on the wire one at a time. I wouldn't trade this for the Crown Jewels, with all its upside down and backwards letters! This kind of joy is God's precious gift to grandparents. Honestly, I told him I will keep it all my life and I will.

Ross, 8

I am in love with this time in our lives,
it truly is the sweet life
(La Dolce Vita)
in every possible way.
Not perfect, but oh,
soooo sweet!


Deanna said...

Oh how darling...I love the bracelet as well! Laura is just so talented and I love the book she sent you.

I'm feeling a bit better but oh how happy I am that Miss Hazie is getting along nicely.

My Christmas tree is still up. Well, most of the ornaments are down but the tree is still up. Remember us last year? Wasn't it Feb. that we finally took down our trees...hahaha!

Love you

Marie said...

Such wonderful treasures Bonnie, you lucky woman! I love them. I love that term, "Man Shed" too! How cute! We are off on a daytrip today, going to a film, something we only very rarely do. Going to see The Kings Speech with Colin Firth. Knew you would appreciate! Love you loads. xxoo

laura.elizabeth said...

I should send you all of my "dud" signs- I should have known you could make them look good. I took a chance and glittered a few signs this morning- they are not drying so I am glad I sent yours without any bedazzling- though you must know they are intended to sparkle ;)! I love you and I am glad you enjoyed the package!