Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day Trippin' Noe Valley~San Francisco

We are total creatures of habit! Heading back to the City today we decided to try to break out of our very old, moldy mold and try a new place. We could probably spend the next several years discovering new places in The City so we looked up Noe Valley and got the scoop. Noe Valley is a neighborhood or district of San Francisco. The city is divided into different areas and some of it is divided by weather believe it or not. San Francisco has a variety of weather many days of the year in spite of how small it is compared to other big cites. Noe Valley is near the Mission District and The Castro and is known for its great sunny days. However, today was bright and sunny throughout the Bay Area. It was gorgeous. It was cold and a little windy but could not have been prettier.

Noe Valley is a family neighborhood and the Internet told us to expect lots of strollers out and about. It was spot on there. Lots of moms and daddies with tiny ones out enjoying the day. The core of Noe Valley is 24th Street so that is where we headed to find this!

On our way we decided to make a pit stop at Treasure Island to take some photos because it was so clear out. We got stuck behind some nasty traffic jam as the tree crews were cutting down some big trees. It wasn't too long but I did get a chance to take a photo or two of spots we would be normally whizzing by.

The City peeking through the trees.

Clipper cove with its sparkly water this morning.

A new look at the Bay Bridge from the island.

A lively and colorful neighborhood.

We had read that parking was nearly impossible but found a spot right in front of the Noe Valley Bakery. We are very blessed that way. We rarely have to circle around much. Yay!

The Bakery was right next to this beautiful collection of flowers for sale this morning on the street. I can never resist taking some photos of them. I would almost rather have the photos than the flowers. Weird huh?

~These flower photos are not photo shopped~
the colors were just brilliant.

This was just a funny little thing. The building has all these tiles of various Victorians, etc. and is supposed to represent a Monopoly Game of San Francisco. It was a first sighting for us as was this entire neighborhood.

Evidence of spring? Hopefully!

There were lots of fun boutiques and shops selling imported goods from Asia, South America, Europe and Africa. This one featured mostly South American art, textiles and decor and jewelry. There were lots of lovely little shops for men and women's clothing, accessories, handbags, etc. and most were reasonably priced.

There is one of the strollers and a Holey Bagel place. There was also a Whole Foods in this neighborhood. We love Whole Foods but did not take time to go in today.

This Mexican Grill smelled so wonderful, we will be coming back here for the Farmer's Market and lunch one Saturday very soon. This would be a fun street to bring guests. It is quite a mixture of cultures and flavors all mixed together. Somehow it works.

This little Buddha was just sitting in a little garden along the sidewalk in front of one of the shops. It looked very peaceful.

These flowers were near the little garden.

The tiny yummy purchase from the Bakery!

We loved this Renewing sign near the bakery bench
where we devoured our treats in three minutes.

There is still fall foliage in this neighborhood. Five months of fall foliage, I love it. You just have to chase it down throughout the country like we have this past several months.

Heading down a very steep hill that does not even allow trucks. It is hard to see the steepness in this photo, but trust me you do hold your breath just a little. We were making our way to Aquatic Park for lunch and the Maritime Museum just recently opened after renovation.

Here is the Wild Toad Ride for those steep streets if you want to have a big thrill of a ride. Better than an old E Ticket at Disneyland I am sure.

A lovely home on the Marina.

The Balcutha
Jim went here when we discovered the Museum is open just on one floor for now. He was asked if he wanted to volunteer here. Poor guy he is so tempted. He was over the top when he saw this wood shop. While I know he would love it, he just cannot take on too much more and still be retired! His energy and interests are infinite. Wish he would throw a little of that energy in a bottle and give it to me.

This is where they repair the boats on the peer. Jim would be right at home here with all the tools.

The City has been refurbishing this amphitheater area at Aquatic Park for a few years. It is really nice now for watching the sailboats, big ships and ferries, swimmers, seals, the waves and the people along the promenade. We enjoyed this area today chasing the sun to stay warm with our little picnic. This is often filled with musicians, bongo players and people just chatting and enjoying themselves.

While Jim was on the pier, I read my book on the shore and watched these guys for awhile. I also watched some crazy people swimming in the bay and people running around barefooted. Seriously I was freezing but they seemed unaware that it was less than 50 degrees with a wind chill factor outside. Californians go beachy the minute the sun comes out. It was a great day in our City by the Bay. And it's always so renewing to just get outside and explore and breathe the fresh air for a few hours together. Check out Noe Valley if you haven't before, it was a fun discovery for this week!


LA Adams said...

This sounds so excitng! I went with Rosanne to see the murals and we spent such a delightful day. Now I'll have to see this Noe Valley - it looks wonderful.
I'm with you all the way in taking pictures of flowers. I think I need to print some off and hang them for deary winter days.
But on my walk yesterday I found some buds that are just about to break out!!! Seriously Spring is on it's way!

Caroline Craven said...

Well, spring is not on its way here in Cache Valley. We've had an unusually warm winter, but not spring in sight. Hanging baskets don't come out here until Mother's Day, and even then we often get weird off-season frosts and you have to bring them back indoors. It was sunny here yesterday, but only 32 degrees. It looks like you had a wonderful day trip. Isn't there a Beatles song about day-trippin? Probably has a completely different meaning that what you and Jim were doing.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bonnie,
It is always so fun to go explore something new! Looks like a really neat lil place. All the flowers were
gorgeous, I am with you about floral pics, they just melt my heart!
and brighten my day!
Those treats from the bakery looked awesome, were they as good as they looked??? Hope so!!
Nice you guys had a good outing!
Just adds some fun to life doesn't it! It's sort of like dating and
discovering, such a good thing.
Have a Wonderful day my dear,
Love ya, Nellie
Thanks for coming by yesterday always good to hear from you.
How is Miss Hazie coming along???
Really well, I hope!!
Forgot to check your sidebar, so maybe I will go look now.
Blessings for a Sweet Day!!

margaret said...

Holey Bagel indeed!

I too love Whole Foods and I always love your photos.

laura.elizabeth said...

Noe Valley? Noe way, how come I have never even HEARD of it? It sounds and looks awesome! Wish I could have been there to enjoy the warm, sunny, clear day and of course your company as well!