Monday, January 31, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook~January 31, 2011

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So, For Today...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Outside my window...Very dark, 39 degrees and I am happy for the new space heater Jim has put under my desk this weekend, it feels warm and toasty! It was predicted over the weekend that it would rain today but I guess it all came yesterday! So the week looks like this!


I am thankful and learning and experience and wisdom that eventually comes from all of it. What an amazing experience earth life is with opportunities to grow daily. Everyday brings challenges and blessings, each serving a purpose and bringing refining moments and gratitude.

From the learning room...there is so much to learn about family history, genealogy, technologies associated with it and helping others find what they are looking for in the library. I don't think a person could possibly learn it all or ever be able to rest on their laurels thinking they have arrived at being knowledgeable enough.

I am reading...One Thousand Gift and The Glass Castle, still. There was not much time for my Kindle last week but I did get a lot of others things accomplished.

From the kitchen...Needing to restock the frig and pantry today. We are mostly in need of fresh fruits and veggies. I may just run in to the store for a couple of things and try to hold out until tomorrow so I can go to the Farmer's Market. Got my Weight Watcher scale and really love it. I am enjoying the new program, it is the best ever and the eTools are great online.

I am wondering...what the military has in store for the next few years for our kids. Honestly the suspense will try your patience and make you stronger if it doesn't drive you to insanity first! We know part of the plan but not all of it at this point. Will share when things are definite.

I am hearing...a new site I learned about this week, Pandora radio. At you can go and set up your own radio station that will play the music you like. You select either a song or an artist and it customizes a playlist for you adding varieties of the same type of music along with your favorites. You can make as many stations as you like. It is awesome. So depending on your mood, you have the perfect music right on your computer. What I do is I open it in an alternate browser and then minimize it so that I can work on my blog or read yours with a great background music. Check it out. Right now I am listening to my James Taylor station. Nice!

Today if I could change one thing...that good people and parents that want children could have them. The fertility issue facing so many potentially fantastic parents is disheartening. I wish they cold discover what is causing this escalating problem and find a solution.

I am quoting...our grandson, Ross: "Gramma, I really love you for sending us Mario Kart for Christmas." Me: "Rossie I am glad you like it, Honey, and I want to tell you I love the necklace you made for me. I wish I could give you a big kiss right now." Ross: "I know it is hard, Gramma. Maybe you could just pick up my picture and kiss that because I am pretty sure you have one right by you!" He was right and I did!

I am quoting again..."
Significance is in direct correlation to smallness and life is leveraged by all that is little." Ann Voskamp. I don't think she says anything that isn't poetic.

I am get my January budget wrapped up today and be ready for a new month by tomorrow so I don't get behind. Also gathering tax stuff to get that over with asap! Ugh!

I am missing...some great ideas for our Valentine's Day Family Home Evening dinner~I better get busy thinking about that. It will be here before we know it.

One of my guilty pleasures...a great foot massage. Ah, nothing like it. My best foot massage givers ~ Jennifer and Laura! They do know what their Mama likes!

Pet Peeves...PCs

One of my favorite things...jeans that fit right.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...Enchanted April. If you love English movies, a must! Perfectly named, it is enchanting.

I am curious I am going to switch back and forth between PCs (at the library) and my beloved Mac. Seriously, PCs are so labor intensive and cumbersome by comparison I just don't get it! I tried to do some stuff on Jim's computer last night and I felt like I was scraping my nails on a chalk board and grinding my teeth for two hours.

A few plans for the rest of the week... budget today and maybe a matinee, WW @ 5:30 pm, a little clean up in the walk in closet here in the family room, Walmart trip sometime this week, Family History day tomorrow, adding a day for inside projects around the house on Wednesdays, day trip on Thursday and dinner with friends that night, and I am sure a dozen other things will come up but for now that is all I can think of on the calendar.

Here are some photos and some thoughts I am sharing with you...

One of Jen's good friends just had baby twin girls and while we were there at Christmas, Cara brought the babies over to meet the girls. Their house is just a little girl power magnet.

Chloe having fun with one of the babies.
Charlotte or June?

Jen, Hazie and one of the babies.
Charlotte or June?

I love the glee on Hazie's face!
Charlotte or June?

The big girls not having to wait for a turn!
Both Piper and Julia loved
playing with the babies.

Charlotte and June!!

Aren't twins fun?
My mom is a twin and
I always hoped for them!
I would love two of any one of our kids!


Caroline Craven said...

The pictures are cute. We watched a cute old movie last night. It was one we recorded off the Turner Movie Classics channel. It was Spencer's Mountain with Henry Fonda and Maureen O'Hare. It is the movie "The Walton's" was based on. Just old fashioned and a bit hoakie. (don't know how to spell that last word). Anyway, the kids made fun of most of it, but we all enjoyed it regardless. Oh, and "Book em' Dano" was the oldest son, "Clay Boy".

Sister Susie said...

What could be better than two bundles of joy (o: is 76 degrees! Yea, the true Florida weather is here for today, probably gone tomorrow!
THANKFUL...for my blogger and facebook friends! What a joy you bring to my day!
LEARNING...I'm new to facebook and learning its process. I still like my blog better!
READING...the side effects of Prilosec. I think I'll stick to my over counter Zantac.
KITCHEN...I just put into my fridge some oranges and Ruby Red grapfruit from my trees. They are so good when a cold spell has happened. It really sweetens up the fruit!
WONDERING...what this current political system has instore for the education system! Believe me, it is definately trying all teachers' patience! The govt. portrays their "concern," but their actions show they "don't give a toot in a whirlwind!" (As my mom used to say!) laptop "whirling" as I read your blog and write out my response! It only happens on your blog, Bonnie (?) find out why it's now one out of every 100 children being born has some form of autism. What will become of America in the future when all of these children are adults?
QUOTING..."What's one man's junk is another man's treasure." visit my cardio doctor tomorrow. Nothing wrong, just a follow-up. He's going to "chew me out" because I haven't lost any weight! Mind you, I haven't gained any either in eight years!!!! Only because testing is backing up every day I'm not there!
PLEASURE...going out to eat with a group of the teachers at Chili's.
PET be home by 3:00, lounge clothes on, feet up, juice in hand, watching my t.v.
FAVORITE...Friday nights! Two days to do my Pet Peeve!
CURIOUS...why at school, networking updates on the school's website makes you have to learn all over again where to find your past links on it. Big Pain!
REST OF WEEK...waiting for the bills to come in from my school excursion to the hospital. At least I won't have to pay anything else for the next 11 months! I have met my $500 deductible and maximum output for the year! It may take me the rest of the year to pay it, but...
Love to you and yours,